(Clearwisdom.net) Although the Fa-rectification process has come to its current stage, the persecution is still continuing. The old forces are still maintaining this environment of persecution, saying that Dafa disciples still have attachments and need this environment to test them and that many Dafa disciples haven't yet stepped forward . If the persecution comes to an end, these Dafa disciples will lose their opportunity. Therefore, the old forces claim that the persecution needs to be prolonged to give them more opportunities.

I find that many Dafa disciples have accepted this point of view. They think that if the persecution finishes, those Dafa disciples that haven't stepped forward and those sentient beings that are still poisoned won't have any more opportunities. I personally believe that this is a very big illusion. The end of the persecution is not the same thing as the Fa rectifying the human world. As long as the Fa rectification of the human world has not come, there is still a chance.

Everybody could try to think about in which way more sentient beings could be saved if the persecution stops now or in one or two years. Certainly, the sooner the persecution stops, the more sentient beings will be saved. In 1999, when the persecution began, all Dafa disciples have opposed the persecution and demanded that the persecution stop immediately. Had the persecution stopped at that time, Dafa disciples could have done their truth-clarification without these obstacles. Then certainly more beings would have been saved than are now.

We do not need this persecution environment to improve ourselves and build up our mighty virtue. Without the current persecution environment, Master could certainly arrange other means for us to build up mighty virtue. Dafa disciples have been continuing the demand to end the persecution immediately, yet many Dafa disciples are actually unconsciously approving of the old force's view - that the opportunity will be gone if the persecution ends. Some people even think, "Let the persecution end after a period of time. I have not done well yet. Once it finishes, there will be no more chances." When a large number of disciples hold onto this idea, the old forces will be happy. They might think, "Look, even Dafa disciples are thinking of letting the persecution end later. We have even more reason to continue to maintain the persecution."

We Dafa disciples are against the persecution, and our intention is to end the persecution as soon as possible. How can we go along with the old forces' view? If the persecution ends, perhaps some beings might lose their opportunity. But without the persecution, more beings can be saved. The salvation of sentient beings is not necessarily achieved only under the circumstance of persecution. Otherwise, why are we demanding an immediate end to the persecution? Without this oppressive environment, more sentient beings will be saved.

When the Fa-rectification comes to the human world has no direct relationship to when the persecution finishes. If the persecution finishes, yet the Fa-rectification has not come to the human world, there will be a period of time in-between without persecution. The sooner the persecution finishes, the longer this period of time will be. We do not need the current environment of persecution. Fellow practitioners, do not be misled by the excuse of the old force in trying to maintain the persecution; do not go along with the viewpoint of the old forces. Otherwise we will allow the old forces to take advantage of our loopholes.

The above is just my personal understanding. Please point out any mistakes.