Many Falun Gong practitioners who were "illegally detained" in Shayang Forced Labor Camp in Hubei Province wrote articles to expose the evilness horrible things taking place there, helping people to realize the iniquity of this forced labor camp. Today I would like to share some additional information about this labor camp.

Shayang Forced Labor Camp has eight brigades, and most of the Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained in the third brigade. Practitioners are also detained in the fifth and eighth brigades. The second brigade is for detaining female practitioners.

Behind the Shayang Forced Labor Camp Hospital is a tall building, which is used especially to torture female practitioners. Many female practitioners have been detained inside this building. The agonizing cries of badly persecuted practitioners were often heard outside this building.

The practitioners detained in Shayang Forced Labor Camp came from different areas throughout Hubei Province. The torture methods used in Shayang Forced Labor Camp are listed below.

1. Immediately after the practitioners arrived, the police guards in the Shayang Forced Labor Camp attempted to force them to write the three statements, i.e. a repentance letter, a letter of renouncement, and a letter of condemnation of Falun Gong. If the practitioners refused to write them, they would be shocked by several high-voltage electric batons at the same time.

2. The guards stomped on practitioners who were pushed down to the ground. They used several high-voltage electric batons at the same time to shock the practitioners and gagged their mouths with filthy pieces of cloth in order to prevent them from crying out.

3. The guards tied practitioners' whole bodies tightly with ropes, pinched their pressure points, viciously beat and kicked them, and shocked them with several electric batons at the same time. Some practitioners could not stand up for two months after they were tortured this way.

4. "Carrying a Sword on the Back:" The guards handcuffed the practitioner behind his/her back with one hand pulled over the shoulder and the other pulled up from the lower back. Dafa disciples who were tortured this way could still not stand up two months later.

5. The guards forced practitioners to squat or run for extended periods of time and deprived them of both sleep and use of the restroom for long periods of time.

6. The officers inundated practitioners with sayings that slandered Falun Gong.

The forced labor camp often went on tours all over the country to study methods for persecuting Falun Dafa disciples. The Dafa disciples detained at the third brigade were classified as two kinds: Those detained upstairs were called "transformed." Among them, some became collaborators and were used to transform other practitioners after they themselves had enlightened along an evil path. These are the ones especially shown to visitors from other places or inspectors. Those detained downstairs were Dafa disciples who had recently arrived after being illegally arrested from other places. Among them were criminal prisoners who were used to monitor and torture the Dafa disciples.

Beside the third brigade there is a strict control team, with a special police squad and all kinds of torture instruments. It is a special place for torturing Falun Dafa disciples.

Fanjiatai Forced Labor Farm is ten kilometers away from the third brigade. Many practitioners were detained there. The torture methods there are also very cruel.