(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner told me that other practitioners did not pay much attention to the project of which he was in charge. I was quite surprised to hear that. Such an obviously important media project; how could he say it was being ignored? Many practitioners were silently working on the telephone project, clarifying the truth, handing out flyers in the street, or some other projects. Could we say that those practitioners were more easily ignored by other practitioners?

Each Dafa project is connected to the others. If any particle does not do well, an omission will appear, and the evil will utilize the gap to interfere. Each one should be responsible for the project of which he or she is in charge. No matter where we are, we should put embodying Dafa as our priority. Whoever are the coordinators, the people in charge, or the people distributing flyers, their mighty virtue will be the same. The higher one's xinxing is improved the better one cultivates and the more effective the project will be.

Let go of self and embody Dafa. Whenever Dafa needs something, any fellow practitioners who have the capability quietly harmonize and do what needs to be done. For instance, when we write articles for the Dafa website, if we are attached to whether the article will be published or not, that article might not be published. So we should write and then do other projects. It is just like a student who works hard on study but is attached to a good score. In the same way, if we don't work hard, how can we hope to have a good score?

I often write and submit articles to the Dafa websites. Sometimes my articles are not selected. But not being chosen may not be a bad thing. I can utilize the opportunity to look inward and upgrade myself. The modified part might have some places that I didn't understand well. I refer to fellow practitioners' experiences and do better next time. About those unselected articles: I won't become attached to it, but find where the problems are. I have gradually become mature and steady through the process of stumbling and falling. Ordinary people have a saying, "Develop bravery through failures." This description suits Dafa disciples who get rid of their attachments through setbacks and experiences.

Although I am neither a person in charge nor a coordinator, I am still responsible for my project to validate Fa, responsible for being part of the one body. I can understand the Fa on a higher level through Fa study. Cultivation is not to show off our merits and capabilities but to quietly harmonize everything. That is true improvement. Although we do not show everyone, everyone is quietly contributing what they can. We do things from the heart. Master can see it, and fellow practitioners can feel it.

These are my realizations. If there are any unsuitable things, please point them out.