(Clearwisdom.net) During recent years, Dafa disciple Du Guihua and her family have been constantly persecuted by the policemen from Jiefang Road Police Station of Gongnong Police Branch of Hegang City Police Department.

Her second sister, Du Guilan, was tortured to death; her little sister Du Guijie is still illegally detained in Harbin Women's Prison; a happy family was broken apart by the CCP. Furthermore, the police have also stolen savings of 5,000 yuan that she had earmarked for her child to go to school.

In the night of February 27, 2006, seven police arrested Du Guihua and her guest, practitioner Yin Haizhu (who came from Jiamusi), at Du's home. The police searched her house and grabbed 5,000 yuan that was prepared for her child's schooling. They sent the two disciples to the Second Detention Center. The case was then transferred to Gongnong Police Branch National Security Team.

During detention, Du Guihua developed serious medical symptoms. In order to shirk potential responsibility, the police carried her home after several days. However, four policemen were instructed to stay at her house, attempting to arrest other Dafa disciples who might come to visit her. Du Guihua kept clarifying the truth to the policemen. Local practitioners exposed what was happening to the public. As a result, the policemen left Du Guihua's house after one week.

On April 28, 2006, during her recovery, Du Guihua was summoned to the Gongnong Police Branch National Security Team. Policeman Ji Jianjun tried to persuade Du Guihua to admit that practitioner Yin Haizhu was the organizer of a Dafa disciples' experience sharing conference held in Hegang City on September 7, 2005. Du Guihua resisted with righteous thoughts. She was suddenly unconscious. Seeing this, Ji Jianjun had to find Du Guihua's husband to carry her home.

Due to the constant harassment and persecution in the past several years, Du Guihua's whole family was devastated. Their normal life was severely affected and the family was in a more and more difficult financial situation. Du Guihua and her family had gone to the Police Station and Gongnong Police Branch many times requesting the return of the 5,000 yuan, but the policemen were always buck-passing; especially policeman Wang Jiazhu, who firmly refused to give back the money.

Du Guihua is kind and sincere. Her neighbors consider her a good person. However, Du Guihua and her sisters have been persecuted by the CCP for practicing Falun Gong.

Her second oldest sister, Du Guilan, was tortured to death; her little sister, Du Guijie, is still detained in Harbin Women's Prison. Thus, a happy family was broken apart.

Telephone numbers:Jiefang Road Police Station: 86-468-3438386
Head of the Police Station: 86-13339586660 (Cell)
The resident policeman: 86-468-6687110
Ji Jianjun, person in charge in Gongnong Police Branch National Security Team: 86-468-6665768
Director of Gongnong Police Branch He Qingyan: 86-468-3458668 (Home)
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