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Regarding Rationality

Chinese culture was passed down by gods. Behind every Chinese word, there are gods' thoughts and meanings. Regarding the meaning of the word "rationality," what I enlightened to from the Fa is different than ordinary people's understanding of plan or strategy. "Rationality" in Chinese combines "reason" with "wisdom." The rationality, wisdom, and mercifulness of Falun Gong practitioners all come from the Fa. The rationality of Falun Gong practitioners is to clearly understand the Fa from the Fa. Any understanding or behavior that is not from the Fa is irrational.

Irrationality about safety--the understanding about personal cultivation and cultivation during Fa-rectification

The fact that practitioners of Qingdao City were repeatedly arrested was greatly related to safety issues. A practitioner who had stayed in Qingdao said, "Qingdao is chaotic (the safety problem is very serious)." More than one practitioner said the same thing, and I agreed.

In August 2004, before the practitioners of two big material production sites were arrested, some local practitioners told them that they had glaring safety problems. However, the practitioners in question did not do anything about it. After the incident, local practitioners still have not learned anything.

On the evening of September 7, 2004, right after these two material production sites were destroyed, Li Zhenwen; his wife, Zou Limei; and Ms. Cui Ling were all arrested at the same time. In March 2005, several practitioners were arrested. In April, Guo Furong was followed by secret agents and caused a big loss for the other practitioners. In May, practitioners Mr. Sun Hong and Ms. Min Huirong (husband and wife) and Ms. Liu Zhirong, and Ms. Ou Yunjie (mother and daughter) were arrested. After so many incidents, practitioners of Qingdao still did not learn anything from the experiences. On March 2, 2006, practitioner Wang Zhihui, from Shinan District was taken away from home. On the evening of May 2, 70 practitioners from Qingdao City were arrested. These incidents are just examples of the persecution against practitioners which caused bigger impacts.

Some Falun Gong contact people in Qingdao City have been followed by the police several times. Until now, the practitioners still have not learned anything. On the contrary, they even broadcast the information among their fellow practitioners, saying how they could get rid of the policemen in order to prove that they had strong righteous thoughts.

Some practitioners reminded a specific contact person to pay attention to his safety. He said that he had strong righteous thoughts and was not afraid at all. In other words, he thought that if he had strong righteous thoughts and did not fear at all, he did not have to pay attention to his safety. This is not a righteous understanding. This is similar to ordinary people's words, "I am not afraid of death." Without the fear of death, can a person go to a war without armor? This is just an ordinary people's irrationality.

Strong righteous thoughts and fearlessness are the correct conditions that Falun Gong practitioners should be in. However, they should not be used for the purpose of flaunting . We should not become irrational because of the attachments to our strong righteous thoughts. "Strong righteous thoughts" is the realm that mature practitioners should possess. It should not change in different environments or when we deal with different things. Parading our superiority for having strong righteous thoughts just exposes that our thoughts are not strong or righteous. Similar to ordinary people's fearlessness, it is just carelessness.

"Strong righteous thoughts" is to understand the Fa harmoniously, without any gaps from the Fa or the realm after assimilating to the Fa, which includes having responsible mindsets for the Fa for the entire group and for fellow practitioners. After fully assimilating to the Fa, we deeply understand the sacred duty and the historical responsibilities of every practitioner during the Fa-rectification period. Our every step during the Fa-rectification period of the cosmos will affect the future of the infinite sentient beings. Disallowing ourselves from creating any losses due to carelessness, and constantly reminding ourselves not to be interfered with by the substances from ourselves or other dimensions are totally different than the selfish behaviors that protect ourselves from suffering.

I sincerely recommend to fellow practitioners that, during our daily lives or while we meet with other fellow practitioners, we should not talk or discuss the sources for the truth-clarification materials or the situations concerning the material production sites. We should neither talk about the situations of Falun Gong contact people nor tell our family members who are not practitioners about Dafa work. Non-practitioners will never understand how serious cultivation practice is.

When they are controlled by a show-off mentality, attachment to zealotry, and especially by the attachment of affection for family, many practitioners tell their family members the sources of the truth-clarifying materials, the information about the material production sites, and the Falun Gong contact people. Their family members then tell their neighbors this information. Many family material sites have already had such a problem, and some locations of the sites have been exposed. Some contact people ask their family members who are not practitioners to do Dafa work, even some work which is related to coordination such as receiving and delivering the materials, which directly "exposes" the contact people to their family members. This behavior is extremely irresponsible to the Fa and irresponsible to the fellow practitioners. There have been many examples of non-practitioners, when under intense pressure and in order to protect their family members, exposing the information about other practitioners.

I wish that fellow practitioners could be more rational, position well the relationship between practitioners and ordinary people, and separate the work of practitioners validating the Fa from ordinary people's work. Instead of interpreting personal safety as a selfish personal behavior, we should realize that taking care of personal safety is a responsible behavior for Fa-rectification, for cultivation practice, and requires us to uplift our xinxing.

(To be continued)