(Clearwisdom.net) Some fellow practitioners shared their understanding on the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) secret concentration camps and realized the seriousness of the evil factors in the medical system and the lack of truth-clarification in this area. Below is a summary of the present situation:

By now the number of Falun Gong practitioners reported on the Clearwisdom website to have been tortured to death is over two thousand eight hundred, most having died from persecution within the public security system. However in Sujiatun concentration camp alone, over four thousand practitioners have died under doctor's scalpels. Counting the number of practitioners who were killed by scalpels at every concentration camp in China, the death toll would be ten times the number reported by Clearwisdom. The wickedness far exceeds that of the public security system.

Besides the doctors in concentration camps and all organ transplant centers, there are doctors and nurses in mental hospitals, jail doctors at labor camps and prisons, doctors and nurses who have injected unknown medicines into practitioners that were seeking medical treatment out of prison, and all related officials in the medical system participating in the persecution and murder of Falun Gong practitioners.

The energy that we spend on truth-clarification toward the "black clothing system" (police and justice department) far exceeds our truth clarification toward the "white clothing system" (medical system). This is also due to the fact that Dafa disciples generally do not go to hospital for treatment. Therefore the truth was never clarified enough to the medical system. For the moment, the black and white systems in China actually have reached the degree that they only consider money and don't think of justice. When the police remove their disguise as guardians of the people and jump to the front stage as cruel persecutors, the doctors hide behind the curtain with a camouflage of white-clothed angels. Now it's time to reexamine them.

With the deadline of organ transplants for profit to finish at the end of April, as ordered by Luo Gan, every large hospital is hurrying up to kill Falun Gong practitioners. After these ignorant and numb butchers finish their job and get their money, they will face a similar fate of being killed, since this is the habit of the sinister gang and evil party.

"What's most horrifying is that while they're participating in this, the layers upon layers of old forces have arranged at each level the elimination of the old forces that are one level right below them. They did that because they knew that the beings that have directly done bad things can't possibly pay for the sins committed against Dafa during this evil drama." (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

And this elimination will also manifest at this human level.

We should take action immediately and concentrate on clarifying the truth to the medical system in China, letting those doctors who pretend to be confused understand that they are the focus of the world, and must consider the consequences of their behavior. They must inform their patients that they are reeking of the blood of the organs they have received. We need to let people know who these doctors are and ask them to explain themselves. Let these dark-minded officials carefully weigh their responsibilities in the future. Let's form a strong socially-opinioned atmosphere in Mainland China.

Since the disclosure of the CCP's secret concentration camps, fellow practitioners in Mainland China were shocked, worried and even perplexed for more than a month. Now let's take action immediately and come up with concrete measures, concentrating on clarifying the truth to the medical system. Although the deadline at the end of April is close, we do not acknowledge this arrangement. If we can stop a patient from receiving an organ transplant, we then can save a fellow practitioner. If we can awaken a doctor, then we can reduce the persecution. If we can persuade a participant to stand up, then we'll deter the evil heavily and save a life.

We suggest the following methods for action and investigation:

Post a great deal of truth-clarification materials around medical sites and their dependants' living areas, not only to let doctors and nurses see them, but also to let patients and assistants, doctors and nurses see them. We must let all people in hospitals see them and form an atmosphere of strong public opinion.

Enlist friends, work relationships and the Internet to collect phone numbers, email and mailing addresses of medical staff and their dependants. We should not only tell them the facts, but also make them realize their responsibility and let those participants realize the perilous circumstances they are facing. This torture and killing has gone on for several years and the number of people who know the inside story could not be small. Besides the doctors and hospital directors, nurses and students practicing in internships and even the drivers who delivered the organs know about it. The drivers may know the location of concentration camps; all of them should be the focus of investigation.

Investigate the scope of intercommunication around those who received transplanted organs. To prepare a body of evidence, find out the related hospitals, doctors, sources of donors, price, and roommates of transplant patients at hospitals.

Clarify the truth to medical staff and their assistants, persuading them to stay away from evil and disclose the evil. We must help those who are savable to stand up in the light of day and save themselves. Those who remain evil will face more and more psychological pressure and eventually give up.

Finally and most importantly all, Dafa disciples send righteous thoughts every night at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 p.m. with purpose, never accepting the deadline, and completely disintegrate the arrangements of evil.