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From May 15, 1992 to May 10, 1994, Teacher held a total of seven Fa lecture sessions in Changchun. The first session had no more than 200 attendees, but the seventh session attracted over 3,000 people from all over the country. Some participants flew in, some who were very sick were carried to the lecture hall by their family members, and some couples from rural areas arrived with their children on their shoulders. All came because of their predestined relationship with Dafa. They came to obtain the Fa and then went back with the Fa in their hearts. Like seeds, they were planted by Teacher, blossomed, and then began bearing fruit. Teacher has been giving tender care all the way through, shedding sunshine and morning dew, driving away rain and wind, and preventing them from being bitten by insects and mice. For fourteen years, Teacher has been waiting for Dafa disciples to mature and anticipating the time for the final harvest.

Right here in Changchun, the first Dafa disciples' experience sharing conference was held on November 20, 1994 (Photo 7). Practitioners from various places came, as did many enlightened beings in the universe. Some practitioners whose third eye was open saw gods and Buddhas. There were so many of them that even the tree leaves were all occupied. They entered the auditorium along with practitioners. Some gods came from extremely high levels and they came covered with a layer of nebula that was of beautiful colors and wonderful shapes.

Teacher mentioned this conference in "Talk in Guangzhou to Some Assistance Center Heads From Around the Country," Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa,

"Changchun has made a videotape in which the students had lively speeches and the students in the audience were also excited--some even shed tears. They were really happy because the meeting was made lively and the atmosphere was great. It's just like what one of you said just now--that in that field, nothing was missing except that I wasn't there. It's just like when I hold seminars, the field is very strong. You could say that it's a Falun Gong gathering, and it's similar to a Fa conference, so the effect is excellent. When we have a lot of students in the future, the students can do it this way and talk about their experiences and understandings. Studying the Fa like this is very educational. Students talk about what they've gained after learning the practice. In some ways this is even livelier than our speeches."

This is the first time practitioners got together. Gods and Buddhas shared their experiences with us, singing praises of Teacher for guiding disciples to elevate in such a short period of time.

Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

"Last time when we held a class at Jilin University, a student of ours walked out the main entrance of the university, walking his bike. When he got to the middle of the street, suddenly two cars almost sandwiched him and seemed like they were about to crush him the next second, but he wasn't a bit scared. Usually when we run into these things we aren't scared. At that very moment the cars stopped and there wasn't any incident."

There were many such incidents that happened in Changchun, but none resulted in danger to practitioners. We truly felt Teacher was by our side all the time, protecting us.

On September 18, 1994, in an auditorium of Jilin University, Teacher explained the Fa for Dafa volunteer assistants in Changchun. Teacher emphasized the following:

"After our discussions we can deepen our understanding of Dafa further and align our understandings better. I think it will make it much easier when we answer students' questions about certain things. That's one thing. Also, there's something I haven't said yet to several of our persons in charge: could we take the lead in my hometown in organizing group study of the Fa at set times?--we can't just do group practice. You can read and discuss together chapter by chapter, section by section. Fix the study time the way you do with group practice. I think this will be more beneficial; it can address specific issues, and this will allow us to follow the Fa when we run into actual problems later on. We'll get the ball rolling, and it will lead the way for assistance centers around the country. Then other regions around the country can follow suit. This will be really beneficial to improving our understanding. That's my suggestion." ("Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun," in Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

Since then Changchun practitioners established various sites for group study, and they transcribed Dafa and memorized Dafa together. In the beginning of 1995, Zhuan Falun was published, which enabled practitioners to have more rapid improvement in their understanding of the Fa. Practitioners from other places came to Changchun to share experiences, and even practitioners from overseas joined us. We studied and improved together.

Dafa books transcribed by practitioners.

Practitioners study the Fa together after group practice

In order to promote the spreading of Dafa in Changchun, Teacher wrote some words for the book "Falun Dafa in Changchun." While writing, Teacher said, "Changchun, Long Live!" At the third and fifth anniversaries of Teacher's Fa-spreading in Changchun, practitioners held two calligraphy exhibitions. (Pictures 10-15) After learning of this, Teacher expressed praise, saying, "This is mighty virtue! Mighty virtue!"

Teacher went overseas to spread the Fa and did not return to Changchun for a long time. On July 26, 1998, Teacher came back to Changchun and explained the Fa for volunteer assistants in a hotel. Today, standing in the conference hall of that hotel, we can still feel the presence of Teacher, hear the applause from practitioners, and smell the fragrance of the flowers. History will forever remember that moment. That day, Teacher sat in a stacked chair (in order for people in the back to be able to see Him), and lectured for five hours.

Teacher said in "Falun Buddha Fa Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun,"

"As a matter of fact, many of our veteran practitioners in Changchun know that it wasn't easy at all when we first began teaching this Fa* and our exercises in the early days. We went through a difficult period of trials and tribulations before we were able to spread this Fa far and wide and make it known to more people. So our work wasn't at all easy in the beginning. Nevertheless we made it through. And it was here in our Changchun that we took the first step of introducing this Fa to the public. What I taught back then wasn't as profound as what I'm teaching today. I was merely teaching things of a transitional period, one that went from qigong* to the true Fa. Later on, I gradually, truly unveiled this Fa and allowed more people to get to know it. It was done very systematically, but it didn't resemble the ways in which everyday people's planning and arranging of things in human society unfold. We didn't follow the administrative or managerial methods used in the society of everyday people, nor did we follow any other forms. It seems that everything has come about quite naturally. But it was arranged to be done from the simple to the profound, for imparting such an immense Fa is a serious matter."

"This Fa is so immense, so it has a high requirement for the way it's spread in ordinary human society. That is, the form it takes among everyday people must conform to the requirements of Dafa. Then what kind of form conforms to this enormous Fa's requirement that It be spread in ordinary human society without being tarnished? There's only one: "a great way without form." We really have managed to do that. No form¾we don't have any of the forms of ordinary human society. Yet we can enable people to truly cultivate and truly improve."

When Teacher began to spread the Fa to save us, Teacher wanted us to have hearts that long for kindness. Today, after going through numerous tribulations and tests, that heart has become one golden, pure and sincere heart that can protect the universe and be responsible for sentient beings. When danger came, Teacher shouldered everything and guided disciples through the tribulations. Teacher spread the Fa gradually and systematically. The cultivation format Teacher gave us will forever remain unchanged.

Fourteen years later, Changchun disciples cannot find words to describe our gratitude for Teacher's compassionate salvation. At the birthday of Teacher and the 14th anniversary of Teacher's Fa spreading, Changchun disciples hereby extend their greetings to Teacher. We vow again that we will do the three things well and live up to the lofty requirements Teacher has established for us.