(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Fengqin, 54 years old, is a very compassionate and benevolent person. In order to obtain commendations and personal gain, the prison guards persecuted her to death. Mainly responsible is Zhang Deqing's group from the National Security Team of the Yushu City's Public Security Bureau in Jilin Province.

On October 11, 2005, Li Fengqin and eleven other Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested by a group of policemen from the Zhengyang Police Station and the National Security Team of the Yushu City Public Security Bureau. After taking the practitioners to the Yushu City Public Security Bureau's National Security Team, policemen from the National Security Team tortured Li Fengqin with brutal kicks that severely Li Fengqin. Li Fengqin could not move under her own power thereafter. Her legs turned purple as a result.

Zhang Deqing, the leader of the National Security Team, tried to coerce Li Fengqin to renounce the practice in the name of being "former classmates" and said that he could release her if she bribed him. However, Li Fengqin refused and was taken to the detention center that afternoon. Zhang Deqing carried Li Fengqin on his back to the police car and then threw Li Fengqin into the car with a loud thump. Li Fengqin immediately felt a sharp pain and lay still on the floor, unable to move. Zhang then turned back and gave Li Fengqin a sinister smile.

At the detention center, several other Dafa practitioners got out of the car while Li Fengqin remained inside, unable to move. Zhang Deqing and fellow policeman Cai Wenge carried Li Fengqin on their shoulders and brutally dragged her out of the car and into the detention center before asking two criminal convicts to carry her to her cell.

At the detention center, Li Fengqin constantly cried out in pain. She felt pain throughout her body and she was unable to sleep or eat. Teng Qingling, a female guard at the detention center, and a doctor also named Li tried to force-feed Li Fengqin on two occasions. On the first occasion Li Fengqin was tied up and carried to the force-feeding room, where doctor Li tried to force-feed her with preserved vegetable soup and salt cubes. When Li Fengqin was carried back to her cell, she vomited blackish-green liquids non-stop. On the second time, Teng Qingling wanted to force-feed her again, but Li Fengqin said, "I am going to die if you force-feed me anymore. I vomited everything that you poured into me the last time. It was all greenish water." Teng Qingling replied viciously, "You couldn't have vomited it all!" Later, when the policemen tried to force-feed Li Fengqin and found that it was impossible to do, they brought her back to her cell. On the tenth day, Li Fengqin was carried out for a health check. On that night, Zhang Deqing extorted 2,000 yuan from Li's family members before allowing them to take Li Fengqin home.

After Li Fengqin returned home, she was already on the brink of death. Her family members sent her to the hospital. At the hospital they were told by the doctors that she was not going to make it and they should start preparing her funeral. Li Fengqin almost died on several occasions. Her family members sent her three times to Changchun and once to Beijing, and spent more than 100,000 yuan to try to rescue her. However, Li Fengqin could not eat any food and vomited everything that she ate. She could only be fed by inserting tubes down her throat and pouring liquids down into her intestinal tract. She became emaciated, weighing less than 60 pounds. In the end, she passed away on the second day of the 2006 Chinese lunar year.

Zhang Deqing, leader of the Yushu City Public Security Bureau's National Security team, has directly persecuted Li Fengqin to death. He has also brought great pain and losses to Li Fengqin's family. He and his gang must receive punishment for such heinous crimes.

(The above facts of the persecution are Li Fengqin's own words when she was alive and is more detailed than the previous report. The previous report also contains a few errors that are corrected here.)