Young Disciples Actively Clarify the Truth

( The Falun Gong practitioners from Pingdong, South Taiwan established the Tianwei Drum Team in 2005. The age of the members varies from five years old to over 70 years old. It has been a year since the drum team was established. The team members participate in many activities for introducing Falun Gong and clarifying the truth, which have included supporting four million people quitting the CCP and currently supporting the ten million people who have quit the CCP.

During their activities in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, every team member tried their best to participate. It is not easy for them to carry a big drum and beat the drum while walking. Also, drumbeats need a good musical sense and a rhythmic sense. Some of the group members are senior practitioners who had some difficulties learning the drumbeat. But in order to express the most beautiful side of Falun Gong and to let the people know the truth of Falun Gong, all team members are very dedicated to learning the skills. Every song needs to have the whole team coordinated to achieve the best performance. The process is also a process of cultivation and will create big or small tests for members' xinxing. If one member cannot catch up with the process, the whole team cannot work together as a whole. So every member must be strict with himself to improve the team as a whole. When there are some conflicts, there will be some improvements. When the conflicts happened, everyone looked inside himself and adjusted himself quickly. Even in some cases when there are some tests which are really hard to pass, the team member can finally pass it after sharing experiences with others.

The parade supporting ten million people quitting the CCP was the first activity for the young disciples from Pingdong to participate in away from home. Before that, the young disciples did not have a chance to participate in this kind of activity due to the concern that they did not beat the drums very well and they might not be able to finish the whole parade. This time the team members shared experiences with the young disciples' parents to let the young disciples participate in this activity. They also shared experiences with the young disciples to let them realize the importance and meaning of this activity. All the young members were willing to participate. On April 23 in the early morning, the team members of the Tianwei Drum Team rode a bus to the north.

After the bus arrived at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, team members assembled and paraded to the Taiwan President's Office to attend a press conference. The whole process lasted for nearly five hours and the length of the parade route was 6.8 kilometers. The time and the distance were big challenges for the young disciples, but they made it.

When the parade had just started, the adults encouraged the young disciples to try their best and told them that practitioners' minds are very supernatural. At the beginning of the parade, the young practitioners were all energetic, and they marched forward along with the rhythm of the music. About halfway along, the smallest practitioner (only five years old) felt a little tired. The team members all encouraged her and said she did it very well. Then she braced herself up and continued to finish the whole route. Sometime in the parade the young practitioners were relatively loose. But when the music rose, they all braced themselves. Along with the drumbeats and music sounds, they finished the whole parade. The young disciples successfully walked the entire journey and left an historic testimony as magnificent as the adults.

Below are some of the cultivation experiences the young disciples shared. (Stated by the young practitioner and edited by the mothers)

Xiaohan and Zhijie: When we heard that this time we would beat the drums together with adults, we were very excited. We thought that we could finally show our skills...

Because people all felt curious about children who could beat the drums, we attracted many people on the road. They stopped to see the banners and got to know the truth of Falun Gong. We felt we were doing a very important task. Finally, our arms and legs all felt very tired. But in order to let more people know the truth, we bit the bullet to persist to the end. This parade let me realize that I can gain only if I can give. It is really not easy to walk such a long route. We need to carry the drum as well as to walk in an orderly manner. But the mysterious thing is that the second day we did not feel any tiredness. After we finished the parade, many adults praised us. It is really great that our six young disciples could walk the entire journey. We also feel it is more meaningful than the parade in which we participated in the past.

Caimei (the 5 year old disciple): When I was really tired and could not walk anymore, I thought, "I need to save the people." Then I felt I was energetic again.

Lihong: When the reporter asked me why I came to the parade today. I said I came here to support 10 million people quitting the CCP.

Yijin: I want to tell everyone that Dafa disciples were persecuted and their organs were harvested. So I participated in the parade. If I get a chance next time, I will attend again.

Qianjing: I am a young disciple. Because I want to introduce Falun Gong and clarify the truth of Falun Gong, I participated in the activities. I did not feel a little bit tired even after I came back from the parade. Next time if I have chance, I will attend the activities too.