(Clearwisdom.net) May 13, 2006 is here. In this day when people celebrate and bathe in Buddha's Grace, we miss Master even more.

I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa in May 1995. Although I lived in Chenzhou, I was not fortunate enough to attend Master's class between July 14th and July 17th in 1994. Luckily, there were a few fellow practitioners at our practice site who were once the staff members at the class, so I heard some touching stories about Master when he taught the Fa in Chenzhou.

Master comes to Chenzhou

Since Master started teaching the Fa in May 1992, more and more cities invited Master to give classes, while Master planned to hold classes for only two years in Mainland China. Because he didn't have enough time, later, Master decided not to accept invitations from middle-sized and small cities. At that time, Chenzhou was a region in Hunan Province, and it was elevated to a city several years later. Master made an exception by coming to Chenzhou to teach a class. People in Chenzhou are truly blessed to have Master come here! No wonder Chenzhou is called "the 18th most blessed locale in the world."

It is said that Master really didn't have time to come, because the time and location for the Guangzhou City class were already set. The Hunan Province Qigong Association charged too much tuition, which directly conflicted with Master's low-fee standard, so Master just turned down the invitation. The Chenzhou Qigong Association repeatedly sent sincere invitations to Master, and many people heard the news and bought tickets in advance. Master was so compassionate that he managed to find time to give a four-day class in Chenzhou. He had to squeeze nine days' worth of lectures into four days, so he had to give late-night lectures every day, which must have been very tiresome in the heat of summer.

Master forgot about hunger

Because time was tight, staff member Wang was in charge of delivering food to Master. Strangely, Master didn't eat the food that was taken to him, and sometimes he ate only one banana. Master said to Wang, "Take care of yourselves, don't bring me any more food." Master really forgot about hunger.

Watermelon that was cut open remained fresh for a few days

Summer in Chenzhou is very hot, and sometimes the temperature spiked up to 43 0C [108 0F]. One practitioner bought a large watermelon for Master. The staff member cut the watermelon into many pieces, but we forgot to eat it, so the watermelon sat inside Master's room. One night before the end of the class, Master invited us to eat watermelon at his place, and surprisingly, the watermelon was as fresh as when it was first cut. There was no refrigerator or air conditioner inside Master's room. What a miracle!

The rain doesn't affect Master

One day after class, staff member Wu walked Master to another place, and it was raining at the time. Wu borrowed an umbrella from a practitioner. Before he could open it, however, Master smiled and said [Paraphrase], Why do qigong masters need umbrellas in the rain? Wu put away the umbrella and followed Master in the rain, and his clothes were completely dry. Many practitioners witnessed Master's supernatural power. On his way back alone, Wu thought, "I didn't need an umbrella just then when I was with Master, I don't need one now, either." He was completely soaked.

Master's every word and action are noble

Master was very gentle toward every one, and he always patiently answered the students' questions with a smile no matter how tired or how busy he was. He was always considerate of others. His room was always neat and clean, and the hotel maid didn't even need to clean it. Even in the hour before he left Chenzhou, Master still took time to put His comb and shoes in place.

Master did not charge one extra penny

Master charged very low tuition for the classes. New students paid 50 yuan, and veteran students paid 25 yuan. Half the tuition received was turned over to the sponsoring work unit, and half of what was left was used to cover rent and accommodation for the staff members, so there was little money left after all those expenses. Master told the assistants to return 20 yuan to each student, because the class in Chenzhou only lasted four days. The volunteer assistants at the practice site thought, "There were so many students who came from all parts of the country; they didn't leave their addresses, it's too hard to return the money to them!" We all asked Master not to return the money, because 50 yuan is not too much even for a four-day class, besides which it was in fact packed with nine days' material. Other qigong classes charged ten times more than Master's class. For example, one qigong class charged a 170 yuan "opening fee" for the first session, 1,000 yuan for the second session, and 2,000 yuan for the third session. The more classes you took, the more it charged. People got the most from Falun Gong classes, and many people had their health restored while listening to the lectures.

Master said that we must take the most righteous step every single time. Following Master's words and the principle of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, the Chenzhou Falun Gong practice site returned all of the extra tuition. One older couple came from north China to visit their daughter in Chenzhou, and they came across the Falun Gong class and attended it. After much probing, we got their information and returned their 40 yuan two years later. All practitioners who received the refund were brimming with tears. Other qigong classes charged extra money toward the end of class, while Falun Gong's Master refunded money. Such a Master is hard to find!

At this point, I want to speak to people who slandered Master after July 20, 1999 by saying he accumulated massive wealth. If you knew the truth, would you be able to face your conscience? Would you understand with your true nature our Master's righteousness, the goodness of Falun Dafa, the wickedness of the CCP, and the malice of Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan group? Please seize the opportunity to correct yourselves.