(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I found that fellow practitioners around me were being interfered with to differing degrees. Some of them were having intense family problems, others had relatives who were seriously ill and needed their long-term care, and some were critically interfered with by illness so that they had to be hospitalized or were too weak to walk. Some individuals did not forge ahead diligently and passed away. The interference may have resulted from attachments that were expanded upon by the old forces. But I also found out that most of these fellow practitioners did not pay much attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. There are several manifestations. First, when sending forth righteous thoughts, some practitioners' hands were not in the right position, or they were drowsy. After other practitioners pointed this out, they still could not correct it. Second, the time spent sending forth righteous thoughts was too short. Third, their thoughts were not pure enough or they would start imaging things when sending forth righteous thoughts. Definitely this will not do. We have experienced too many lessons and losses. Failing to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts will impact our environments seriously and will make interference for ourselves, our relatives, and events in the Fa-rectification. Also, the interference will mislead everyday people and affect our saving sentient beings and validating the Fa.

I have a great deal of experience with this myself. When I pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts, especially when I send forth righteous thoughts at each hour, my environment improves obviously. My relationships with colleagues become more harmonious. My work goes more smoothly. My family members also work smoothly and seldom catch illnesses. If all your relatives quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, your righteous thought field will be more powerful, and your relatives may help to do some Fa-rectification things.

I suggest that all fellow practitioners pay more attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and be expert at utilizing the sharp sword bestowed on us by Teacher to eliminate the evil and save sentient beings.

April 09, 2006