(Clearwisdom.net) At 8:30 p.m. on April 4, 2006, policeman Wang Shiyong from the Enjizhuang Police Station in the Haidian District of Beijing crashed into the home of Dafa disciple Ms. Wang Kuizan in the Qixiancun Community and interrogated her on the basis of "examining household registrations." When asked where her husband was, Ms. Wang told the policeman in all seriousness, "You arrested him. How can you ask me where he is? You should not persecute Falun Gong! Falun Dafa is good!" Afterwards, the policeman told her to get her daughter, Jiang Yahui, and for both to go to the police station to "have a talk," but she refused. The policeman made threats and said that they had to go with him to the station. He called in more police, and they ransacked her home. In the early morning of April 5, they arrested the mother and the daughter. After the fact, police forced her son, who did not practice Falun Gong, to sign a search warrant.

Another three Dafa disciples-- Xue Peng, Chang Chunyu, and Du-- visited Ms. Wang's home on the evening of April 4. They were all arrested on April 5. All were sent to Haidian Detention center. That same day, Mr. Xue Peng escaped.

Ms. Zhang Xueqin and her daughter, Chen Ping, in Caochang Village, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District, were arrested by seven or eight policemen from the Haidian Branch of the Shangdi Police Station and the Sujiatuo Police Station. They cried out, 'Falun Dafa is good!' and told the truth to the policemen. The policemen stayed in Ms. Chen Ping's home for a whole day, and confiscated a computer and some Dafa books. They are illegally detained at the Qinghe Detention Center in the Haidian District and are not allowed visitors. Ms. Chen Ping was detained in the No.7 First Section, and her mother was detained in the No.8 Second Section.

Police arrested Ms. Zhou Jing on her way home from work on February 23, just before the two CCP conferences. They also ransacked her home. 610 Office agents confiscated many things in her home. Ms. Zhou Jing's husband, Guo Wei, and her boss, Li Yong, were also detained but released due to lack of evidence. Ms. Zhou Jing is facing an illegal sentence.

Ms. Zhou Jing started to practice Falun Gong in 1997. On October 26, 1999, she went to the National People's Congress at Tiananmen to protest how Jiang Zemin was insulting Falun Gong with slanderous words. She was detained in Fengtai Detention Center for a month. At the beginning of 2000, she went to the National People's Congress to appeal twice and was detained twice by the State Security officers. In April she was arrested by the Hepingli Police Station but was released after it was determined that she was pregnant. In July, she was arrested and beaten by policemen but was again released after she was found to be pregnant. In July 2001, she was brainwashed. In September, she was arrested but was released because she was weak due to a hunger strike. In December, she was arrested again and sent to a forced labor camp for one year and six months. Because she went on a hunger strike, she became so weak that she was discharged and kept under surveillance. Afterwards, although she escaped surveillance, she was still arrested in July 2002 and detained at Tiantanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was forced to stand for long periods of time and was not allowed to sleep when she was very weak. She was also brainwashed. In June 2003, she was released, but the surveillance continued afterwards.

Dafa disciples Wang Xiulin and Li Zhengyu in Zhaitang Village, Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District, Beijing City, were arrested by 610 Office police when telling truth on February 22, 2006. They were now detained in the Mentougou Police Station.

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