(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yuan Shufang is from Lushuihe Town, Fusong County, Jilin Province. On October 14, 2004, the local police station, in conjunction with police from the police of the security subsidiary company, arrested Ms. Yuan. In March 2005, she was illegally sent to Changchun Women's Forced Labor Camp and placed in the fourth team. Because she would not give up cultivation practice, she suffered many tortures, such as the electric needle, being put into a confinement cell, being stunned by electric batons, and being beaten mercilessly. The police tied her up to a board, with her hands and feet handcuffed or tied up. Then they used the method of the "electrical ant" to torture her. The electrical ant has many needles which are inserted into the flesh and charged with electricity. They were stuck into Ms. Yuan's foot arches, legs, chest, arms, face, and the acupuncture point on the hand between the thumb and index finger, which caused her extreme pain. The police also incited the criminal inmates to torture her.

Because Ms. Yuan did not give in, the instructors and criminals frequently beat her to the ground. Then they stood on her neck, beat her face, and at the same time abused her. After the beating, they put her into solitary confinement again, handcuffed her hands, and tied her feet. The instructor, Feng Xiaochun (female), tied her and abused her at the same time. Ms. Yuan clarified the truth to her, but she did not listen and struck Ms. Yuan's cheek.

One time while Ms. Yuan was in the confinement cell, team leader Guan Wei entered the cell and Ms. Yuan asked her: As the team leader, are you responsible for my being persecuted and put into this place? Guan Wei said no. The implication was that she supported the persecution. Guan Wei and Feng Xiaochun used electrical batons to shock many Dafa practitioners.

Because Ms. Yuan has been tortured for such a long time, her features are out of shape. In April 2006, her forced labor term expired, but the labor camp did not release her. On April 8, 2006, Ms. Yuan's husband and son went to the forced labor camp to ask for her release. The instructor in the fourth team said that they would not release her and extended her term.

The telephone of Changchun Women's Forced Labor Camp: 86-431-5384312 extension 6104.