(Clearwisdom.net) Since the publication of Teacher's article "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People," I have been clarifying the truth
to migrant workers during the past couple of years using materials I make myself. The migrant workers are a special group of people. No one paid much attention to them in the past, thus, it is very important to clarify the truth to them.

In the spring of each year, waves of migrant workers pour into cities everywhere. In the small city where I live in, there are over 20,000 migrant workers from all over the country, not including those who come from the surrounding counties. Many of them come from very poor regions and some from the areas where the persecution is severe. When they come here, they have the opportunity to read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and to know the shocking truth about Sujiatun.

The work sites of these migrant workers are usually located in rural areas or developing areas where public transportation is inconvenient. Few truth-clarification materials ever reach these areas. Some places do not even have any. Although people living in the city see Dafa materials often, the migrant workers may not see any Dafa materials for several years. Occasionally some may pick up one here or there, but they only read it by themselves and do not pass it on to others. This does not satisfy the desire for truth by so many people. The first time I walked into a dormitory of migrant workers, I saw so many faces with confusion about and curiosity for Falun Gong. I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I had discovered this new area for clarifying the truth.

At first, I handed out materials outside the gate of a construction site where these people work. Many of them come out to take a walk after dinner. Later, I just followed them back to their dormitories. People are more concentrated in the dorms and that makes it easier to clarify and spread the truth.

In the beginning, few people agreed with what I said. Many people were afraid and even shocked. They did not dare to take the truth-clarification materials from me. Often, if one person accepted some materials, many would follow. Therefore, I like to have as many people in the room as possible. This insures that more people can hear and see the truth in the shortest amount of time. Everyone in the room must face the truth and cannot avoid it. Even if I would only leave one copy of truth-clarification literature, it would be like a bombshell. The next time I return, the attitude of many of the workers would have improved greatly.

As Fa-rectification moves forward at rapid speed, people's attitudes are also changing rapidly. In the past, they did not dare to take any of the materials that I handed to them. At many construction sites nowadays, people come over and ask for materials, and some even help me to distribute them. In some cases, I even had to ask them to return some of the material so that I could give them to people at other construction sites. When I come across a new site, I usually try to find out where the workers live and go directly to their dorm. Once I am in a room, I close the door, stand by the door, tell people the facts and distribute materials. This way no one on the outside knows what is happening inside the dorm. In general, it takes me about 3 to 5 minutes in order to finish what I need to do. If things go well, I visit another room, but I never stay long. There are police and security guards at all large construction sites. It is important to be safe and not stay too long. I can always return later.

I quietly and quickly spread the truth among the migrant workers. One time, a worker found a flyer and posted it at his construction site. When the police found it, they went to different construction sites and threatened the workers. The police do not want them to read the material. They also offer rewards to anyone who reports the person who is distributing the materials. However, their plan did not work. Later, the police officers' patrol car was involved in an accident and one of the police officers was in critical condition.

Because I did not study the Fa in depth, I had strong fear. For a long time, I did not know how to safely face so many people and clarify the truth to them. Later, I realized that my fear started to decrease during the process of doing things. Much later, I realized that there are so many people waiting to be saved at the construction sites. Teacher arranges the salvation of sentient beings, and therefore, this is the safest thing to do! Once I understood that, my heart was at ease. When I go to these construction sites, it is just as if I am going to an office to work. The process of clarifying the truth is also the process of elevating in cultivation.

Although my intention was to let people know about the truth, I mixed it with some attachments I had not noticed before. For example, the attachment of zealotry popped up more than once when I saw many people accepting the materials. I became impatient when I noticed that so many people are waiting for these materials and I started to have the attachment of doing things. As a result, the effect was no longer good. Through studying the Fa with a calm mind, I understood that Teacher arranged everything and I understood that none of my attachments could save people. I realized that I should just do what I needed to do and cultivate according to Teacher's requirements in order to minimize the damage caused by my attachments.

Sometimes I tell Teacher in my mind: "Teacher, I know very well that it is your Fashen that is saving the people. I would be faced with danger every day if I did not have your protection. However, I just feel that a part of me was doing this. When the situation is good, I am happy and when the situation is not good, I get scared. What am I going to do?"

After one year, I became more aware of my duty and responsibility; I also realized that my own improvement in cultivation is not proportional to the amount of work I do. I have not yet grasped the fundamentals of cultivating ones' heart. In many circumstances, I did not coordinate well with other practitioners. Often it became an ordinary person doing Dafa work. What was I happy about? I realized that I should not pursue quantity. I cannot look at things with an ordinary person's mentality. The important thing is the state of mind I have when doing Dafa work. Every day I take materials to these migrant workers. When I select truth-clarification materials, my own state of mind and coordinating with materials production sites, are all issues of being responsible to other people as well as to myself. One time on the way back from a construction site, a strong force made me recall everything that just had happened. I clearly noticed that there is no "I" in the entire process. Although what I did was as natural as eating and drinking, at that moment, I understood that the state of being selfless was very peaceful and calm. I thanked Teacher in my heart.

The migrant workers move around a lot. There are about 30 construction sites in my area. Oftentimes after I had gone through all the sites one time, the next time I passed through, there were new faces. Many workers would move to another site or go home. It is obvious that they came in order to learn the truth. Many people tell me that they like to read the materials I give them. Those who know the truth cherish the material I gave them and take them home. Among them, many know right from wrong and many have a very good inborn quality. One time, a mute person came to me and took some material. He was reading the materials as he walked away. Suddenly, he turned around and pointed to the words, "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." In fact, the words in the picture were so small that I could not even read them, but he was very happy. I had never seen such joy that came from a person's true nature. Not long ago, I went to a new construction site. I walked into their dorm, around their mealtime. When they heard that I was bringing them Falun Gong truth-clarification material, there was a long round of applause in the room.