(Clearwisdom.net) Amidst the enormous pressure of evil, I continue to validate Dafa, clarify the truth, and do my utmost, doing all that I can. Under the blessing and care of Master, I have firmly and steadily made it to the present day.

Master asked us to send forth righteous thoughts. When I first sat down to do this, my entire body felt numb and tied down. I felt cold all over, and my scalp felt like it was exploding. Sometimes my celestial eye could see a group of people approaching. Some of them smiled at me, some had cold faces, some had fierce expressions with fangs showing, and some were like huge, ash colored wolves growling at me. I was really afraid, but I silently recited the Fa rectification formulas. They disappeared in a short while. When I held the large lotus hand gesture, it was like holding a huge hot fire basin. It is different now.

I am more than 50 years old this year. I started to practice Falun Dafa in December 1998. At that time I was working in a private enterprise, and ate and slept there. Some disciples told me about Falun Dafa and asked me to read Zhuan Falun I didn't want to offend them so I accepted it. Without thinking I read up to Lecture Six in one sitting, laid it down, and returned home. When I returned, fellow disciples again let me continue to read. Just like that I continued on reading. When I read lecture seven, the following passage caught my attention:

"...if lives that shouldn't die are killed, they become lonely souls and roaming ghosts. And it was those beings that the old saying about 'releasing souls from purgatory' referred to. If those beings aren't freed from purgatory, they suffer from hunger and thirst, and it's awfully tough for them. That's what Buddhism used to teach." (Zhuan Falun, "The Seventh Talk")

This passage really appealed to me because when I was small, I'd heard my elders talk about lonely souls and roaming ghosts and things related to releasing souls from purgatory. After attentively reading the remaining lectures, I understood that this book wasn't some mythical story at all; it was a book from heaven for cultivation practice. It showed us how to practice cultivation.

Carefully, word for word and sentence by sentence, I soon finished reading it for the second time. Master then started adjusting my body. It felt as if a needle and thread were being pushed through my body, back and forth, puncture by puncture. Small Falun spun everywhere. The Falun near my lower abdomen was also spinning. In this condition, everyday I read the book and meditated. Soon after I began to eliminate my karma again. Before I started to practice I always had headaches. Whenever they occurred I took medicine. After starting to practice, the first time my head ached I didn't pass the test. It ached so much I couldn't take it. I took the medicine again, and pushed the sickness back in. A little while later it returned. This time I was determined. I knew that Master always eliminates karma from the root. Could it be okay if I didn't bear anything? I improved my xinxing, and the test of headaches was passed. The other places where I used to have illnesses emerged as well. Once I improved my xinxing, I passed them one by one.

In the beginning, I only read the book and meditated. I didn't know how to practice the movements. Only on April 28, 1999, did I attend the practice site. The volunteer instructor taught me the movements. On the second day, I participated in group practice. When I practiced the first exercise, the sky was like the blooming flowers given as gifts on the 15th of the first month of the lunar new year--numerous lights and even more colors, flashing one by one. When I held the wheel, Master opened my third eye. That other space-time is really dazzlingly beautiful, like spring in the mountains, and the clear waters are so elegant. I saw that the temple was just like those elders used to describe it, with green hallways and beautiful tiles, so spacious and bright. The monks wore yellow kasayas. By two and threes they came and went. Celestial maidens wore pink, old-fashioned dresses and flew back and forth. My first day at practice, when I was holding the wheel, my hands trembled with fatigue. However, I was attracted by the other space-time, and I forgot all my fatigue. When it was time to Jieyin, I opened my eyes. This space-time is really a huge trash station, so dirty. Every day I read the book, practiced, and was in unparalleled bliss.

Eighty-two days passed. July 20, 1999 came. The Chinese Communist Party and Jiang Zemin began the persecution of Falun Gong. However, I still firmly believed in Master, and didn't stop reading the book or practicing for a day. In normal times, bit by bit I had corrected and cultivated myself. Because every sentence that Master said is truly correct, the words in Zhuan Falun shine like gold. Master talking about the main consciousness leaving the body and seeing that the skin is covered in Falun and small Buddhas, as well as elderly women regaining their menstrual period--I've experienced them all.

Today I've put my experience in words, not because I'm not "minding [my] speech" nor is it that I think myself to be anything special. Everything is given by Master. I am not an overly smart person, but I will validate that "Falun Dafa is great." If I didn't practice, no matter how much power or money I had, I still could not feel this.

To those fellow disciples who haven't stepped forward yet, let us not cause Master to worry. Let us fulfill our great responsibility and mission that Dafa has bestowed upon us--saving people one by one, and returning to our homeland sooner.

Because my level is limited, fellow disciples please correct me with compassion.