(Clearwisdom.net) The laws of the U.S. are different from those of Taiwan. In addition, the application of the law is not a simple procedure. However, one universal principle should always apply: Saving innocent people from being killed is paramount.

For example, in Taiwan, Item 24 of the second chapter of the Criminal Law of the Republic of China (Taiwan), states: "Actions taken to rescue oneself or other(s)'s life, body, freedom and property from urgent danger are exempted from penalty. However, overreaction may be punished to a lesser degree or exempted."

In Taiwan, this law would apply to Dr. Wang's actions for the following reasons.

1. She has personally learned from two eyewitnesses of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) atrocities of harvesting organs from living practitioners and she fully understands how urgent the situation is.

2. The third eyewitness, a retired doctor from the Shenyang Military Zone, revealed that the CCP has set up 36 concentration camps all over the nation to detain and kill practitioners, and the regime has adequate resources to easily empty these concentration camps overnight to avoid inspection.

3. On March 28, the Chinese Communist regime openly invited reporters to inspect locations where suspected concentration camps may be located. On April 19, in response to the invitation, a reporter from the Australian Sound of Hope Radio Network applied for a visa to China in order to perform such an investigation. Her application, however, was not granted. The invitation was apparently a lie. This incident also shows that the CCP is trying to hide something and doesn't dare to allow independent investigation.

4. Undercover reporters from Sound of Hope Radio have called many hospitals in China, and a number of doctors have confirmed that they have a large supply of organs from living donors and acknowledged that the organs are from Falun Gong practitioners. Many hospitals stated that they would have abundant organs in April and the supply would become very limited afterwards.

All these point to one disturbing conclusion: The Chinese Communist regime is speeding up a campaign to destroy the evidence of its crimes nationwide. A large number of Falun Gong practitioners will soon be used as organ suppliers and their lives are at stake. The situation is very urgent.

Under the condition that Dr. Wang could not get her voice heard, to rescue the practitioners in China, she felt compelled to make such a special appeal. During the process, she didn't curse or use any violence. Therefore, her conduct should not be punished.