(Clearwisdom.net) Through several years of rescue efforts and clarifying the truth, we found a very good method: We prepared some printed petition letters and addressed envelopes attached. When we collected signatures on the streets, many came to sign their names. While clarifying the truth, we asked them if they wanted to stamp the letter and mail it, because we were all volunteers and did not have much money to buy stamps. People were very happy to help us. Some wanted to donate money, but we did not accept it. When learning that they could help us in this way, they all accepted the letters and went away happily.

It has been demonstrated that this is very effective. Since western governments are all based on people's choice, public opinion is very important. Tens of thousands of letters represent tens of thousands of public opinions, which can greatly influence the government. During several years of calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) persecution, this has been an effective method.

Based on the principles of the Fa, ordinary people that help Dafa during the Fa-rectification period establish a very good base for their future. Meanwhile, the letters were written by Dafa disciples, carrying much power, so they could clear away many evil factors that hindered and controlled ordinary people while clarifying the truth.

After the exposure of the CCP's atrocity of harvesting organs from Dafa practitioners and then killing them in secret death camps, we immediately prepared petition letters to the Irish government. The first time we went out on the streets, we got more than 200 letters signed. But the practitioners collecting signatures then did not have experience in this area, and kept those letters instead of asking people to mail them by themselves. These practitioners were worried that ordinary people would throw the letters away or forget to mail them.

Later, through studying the Fa and sharing experiences together, we felt that we should trust people. Ordinary people also have compassionate thoughts, and we should support their good intentions. Not believing in and being ready to suspect others are bad substances left by the evil party to the Chinese people during the past many years. This has made people suspect each other, and not trust each other. While we were awakening to this, we were destroying the evil party's culture in our own minds.

What is the best for a being? It is to let him obtain the Fa. Although ordinary people cannot cultivate like Dafa disciples for the time being, if they do good things for Dafa, Master will give them good fortune. To a government, public opinion cannot be neglected. The upright actions of the government on this issue will bring good fortune to the country. It is a thing that will benefit the sentient beings and the governments, and will abate the persecution of Dafa disciples in China. As Master taught about "self-salvation and salvation of all sentient beings," the Dafa of the universe is compassionate and beneficial to all beings.

After improvement based on the principles of the Fa, we went to the streets to collect signatures the next weekend, and all of the 700 letters we prepared were signed. Many came to sign their names as soon as they saw our banners. We asked them to mail the letter and they all agreed without any hesitation. Although it was raining that day, the rain did not inhibit people's compassionate thoughts a bit.