(Clearwisdom.net) After three weeks of silence, the Chinese Communist regime's Ministry of Foreign Affairs finally responded to the exposure of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp.

It was no surprise that the CCP denied the existence of the concentration camp out of its basic instinct. The CCP has never admitted its own mistakes and responsibilities. In the persecution during the last nearly seven years, so many Falun Gong practitioners with names and identities have been killed, yet the CCP never admitted to any one of these deaths. In the last half century of the CCP's rule, it has killed so many ordinary citizens, yet it never admitted its crimes. Even decades later, they are still concealing the truth.

The pretentious "invitation" extended by the CCP is only another absurd trick.

We still remember three years ago, just a few hours before WHO experts arrived at the 309 Hospital in Beijing, more than 40 confirmed SARS patients were moved to a hotel. At the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital, 31 SARS patients were crammed into a few ambulances and moved. The woman who tipped off Time magazine on the transfer said the nurses at the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital were furious, because they were detained in the same ambulances as the SARS patients.

In May 2001, after the torture and killing at Masanjia Labor Camp was exposed, the CCP invited five overseas media for a visit. The labor camp was decorated into a paradise. All of the labor camp detainees told the reporters that they were not tortured at all. Yet an NBC reporter knew something was wrong. He described how he could smell and see all the walls were freshly painted.

On November 25, 2005, when the United Nations officials were investigating torture in China, Policeman He Xuejian from Hebei Province, Zhuozhou City, Dongchengfang Township Police Station raped Falun Gong practitioners Liu Jizhi and Han Yuzhi in front of another policeman. After the rapes were exposed, due to pressure from the international community, He was sent to detention in Baoding, Hebei Province. Yet soon after, the Baoding Police Department met with Zhuozhou Police Station officials and urged them to arrest Han Yuzhi and Liu Jizhi at any cost prior to He's "trial." They said they wanted to destroy the evidence so that there would be no testimony and the case could be dismissed. In early March of 2006, Liu Jizhi, who was in hiding and could not return home, was again abducted by Beijing police, Zhuozhou's 610 Office, and the State Security Team. We do not know if she is still alive.

Following the same logic, what would happen if the reporters visited Sujiatun as the CCP arranged? It is very likely that witnesses would be killed before the visit. Another possibility is that the victims would be moved to a different location, yet the crime would continue. The international community should conduct independent investigations, forming a delegation consisting of United Nations officials and representatives from democratic countries, independent media, international human rights organizations, and Falun Gong practitioners. They should request to fully investigate Sujiatun and other labor camps and prisons without the CCP's monitoring and control. We are sure that the CCP would not dare to agree to such an investigation.

The long silence before the CCP's official response on the Sujiatun Concentration Camp indicated the CCP's anxiety and unease. As the news of Sujiatun spread throughout the world, it was not acceptable for the CCP to remain silent, so it had to awkwardly step forward to "dispel the rumor." Their denial and insincere invitation again demonstrated the despicable nature of the CCP. But the CCP does not even dare publish such a denial on its own mouthpiece or foreign relations websites. They fear the further exposure of the crimes in Sujiatun. They don't want people in China to learn the truth. It is evident that they are trying too hard to hide the facts, and that their gestures are too exaggerated to be real.

After the exposure of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, and before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an official response, the CCP hastily passed "Interim Regulations for Human Organ Transplant Practice." Is the regulation an attempt by the top CCP leadership to shed liabilities, or a disguise under which to conduct more crimes? If the top CCP leadership wants to shed liabilities, it should halt this persecution as a whole, expose the truth about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, investigate and punish the direct and behind-the-scene murders, and make their position clear to the international community and the Chinese people. Otherwise, no matter how many more responses the CCP makes, they would be nothing but meaningless pretenses.