Photo: Yangmingshan practice site was established in 1995. Group practice is held in the parking garage on rainy days.

I recalled many splendid things after reading stories of Teacher during the early period of spreading the Fa in China. Some were my own personal experiences; some I heard from Mainland China practitioners. In the years we followed Teacher from one class to another, most of the time Teacher taught the Fa during the evenings, and we spent the days studying the Fa and sharing our experiences. It did not matter whether I experienced it myself, or heard about it. They were all a tiny part of the immense and boundless Dafa. Teacher never deliberately demonstrated any divine powers. We experienced the divine manifestations unexpectedly.

The divine healing story at the Health Expo

I was very fortunate to meet Teacher at the 1993 Far East Health Expo. I could feel the kindness in Teacher, as if I had met him before. The temperament he emitted was sacred, kind and peaceful. At the Health Expo I witnessed how Teacher made an old woman in her 70's, who had been paralyzed for nearly 20 years with muscular atrophy around her legs, stand up with virtually a wave of his hand. When she walked again, her first steps after years of longing, her children all kneeled in front of Teacher. The old woman, tears in her eyes, also kneeled at Teacher's feet.

I was astounded by this event. It was inconceivable from a medical perspective. I could not believe my own eyes, yet it was absolutely real and in front of my own eyes. I felt this Teacher must be someone supernormal, and this practice must be something divine. Ever since then, I have closely followed Teacher on my path of cultivation, which has also changed my life.

That afternoon, the Health Expo provided an opportunity for every Qigong master to give a presentation about their practice. When Teacher presented Falun Gong, the entire lecture hall was standing room only. Many people who wanted to come were unable to obtain tickets. The organizer added two more Falun Gong presentations based on the demand. No other Qigong masters had such overwhelming popularity. Teacher did not do any demonstrations of his practice like other Qigong masters did. He only spoke to us about topics that later appeared in chapter one of Zhuan Falun.

During the lecture, Teacher asked all of us to stand up and think of one of our own illnesses, and Teacher would eradicate that illness on the spot. Teacher just waved his hand once and captured the illnesses of everyone in the lecture hall in his hand and cleansed them all. Before cultivation, I had blood in my urine for 20 years. I thought about the pain and suffering of this stubborn ailment in the lecture hall, and Teacher instantly removed it from its root. This ailment had bothered me for so many years, despite the many traditional Chinese medicines and western medical treatments I had tried. When I went back to the hospital for a checkup after Teacher's class, they validated that the blood in my urine had completely disappeared.

The Fa explained my puzzlement, revealed the enigma of life, and granted me a new life.

When I thought about my past life, I endured more than 50 years of hardship and frustration. In ordinary human life, where we fight with each other for gain and benefit, I had struggled. I had fought hard. Yet what I obtained at the end was the deterioration of my physical well-being and a broken family. Why did I suffer so much hardship? Why did the world treat me so unfairly? Why are people's lives so different? With all this mystery and conundrums, I looked for answers in Buddhism.

I practiced Buddhism for more than a year. There too, I witnessed fighting for fame and gain within the religion. The religion could not answer the questions that perplexed me. Furthermore, it could not let me escape the pain in my heart. It was Teacher who let me find the key, and it was Dafa that let me understand the principles of being a human. It encouraged me to use compassion to face my life and gave me a way to escape the suffering of ordinary people.

I was a doctor treating children's heart disease in a children's hospital affiliated with a top-notch medical college. The daily job of a pediatric doctor was already very busy, and pediatric vascular disorders were among the most advanced category in pediatrics. Not wanting to be behind others in my struggle for fame, I worked feverishly and totally immersed myself in my job.

Letting go of hatred and benefiting both mentally and physically

After decades of struggle, I achieved everything that I was after, including advancing my professional knowledge, being promoted to a deputy director level doctor position and associate professor. Yet I lost more, much more. My health had deteriorated and my husband left me because he could not get enough attention from me. At the beginning I really hated him. I hated him for not understanding me, for not caring for me. I hated him for the break-up of the family. My two children also hated him very much.

Teacher's Fa helped me understand why I suffered so much in the past. It was caused by karma generated over lifetime after lifetime. The karma distilled into hardship, pain and suffering, misfortune, and sickness. Only after I paid back that karma could I again obtain happiness and well-being, and a change in my life. Dafa helped me understand that hardship itself is not a bad thing. I no longer complain about others and this world. I let go of my hatred and I no longer loathe my ex-husband. I came to understand that I was equally responsible for the failure of our family, so I asked my children, who were still in China to forgive their father.

After cultivating in Falun Dafa, I let go of many attachments and desires. I lived happily and at ease. My old chronic ailments such as bronchitis, ulcer, pancreatitis, gallbladder infections and colon enteritis all gradually disappeared without my awareness. I obtained the dual happiness of mind and body.

I came to Taiwan in 1995. I witnessed the respect gained by Dafa in Taiwan over the past decade. When I suffered hardships and tests, the teachings in Zhuan Falun guided me to break through the hardships and barricades. I could only pay back a tiny bit of Teacher's kindness by doing the three things well, following Teacher closely in the Fa rectification progress, and saving the sentient beings who are counting on us.