(Clearwisdom.net) Many practitioners outside China have received all sorts of virus e-mails in their personal e-mail boxes or secure e-mail boxes. For example, "New Edition No-Boundary 7.0 is much more powerful, convenient and safe in breaking through the Internet blockage..." "Sujiatun is a good opportunity to clarify the truth. We need do better. I have collected some celebrities' contact information; let us do better together..." The main method is to try to deceive practitioners into opening the attachments. Some messages have even said, "Fellow practitioners have received an e-mail which said it was from someone, but it was actually a virus e-mail. Don't open that one. Here is one..."

We are here reminding everyone again about e-mail safety. Be extra cautious about e-mails with links or attachments. Normally, all unknown e-mails with greater than 500K attachments are virus e-mails. The names of the senders of these e-mails can also be fabricated. When you are not sure, please call the sender to make sure it was truly sent from that person. We have found many times that a practitioner's e-mail account was used to send virus e-mails within a mailing list. Therefore we have to be very careful even with the e-mails that were sent by fellow practitioners.

The samples of recent virus e-mails are mostly specifically-made viruses, and some virus protection software cannot detect them. Relatively speaking, Norton, McAfee, AVG, and Kaspersky can find more viruses.

If you have to send a Word attachment in order to avoid messy codes, we suggest that you "save as" rich text format (.rtf) because the default Word document format (.doc) can carry viruses or Trojans.