(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner. In October 2002, two practitioners came to visit me at my workplace. Shortly after they sat down, I suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. When I opened the door there was a group of people standing there. They took us to the police station, and then sent us to the detention center, where we were detained for over a month. They then sent us to Guizhou City Zhongba Forced Labor Camp for three years of forced labor.

In Zhongba Forced Labor Camp, evil guard Gu Xingying, who was responsible for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, punished us by forcing us to stand under a blackboard and asked several drug-addicts to watch us. We stood there for two and a half days. Later, they forced us to stand for several hours every day. They forbade us from talking, saying hello to each other, and from even using the bathroom. We were detained in a 10 square-meter room, and we were not able to get out. Those who were watching us watched us around-the-clock and treated us as strictly-administered prisoners.

After several months, in late April 2003, they started to organize an "attacking the strong point" team (CCP terminology). The guards chose vicious drug-addicts for the "attack the strong point" team. "Attacking the strong point" is what they call the method used to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs.

On May 10, 2003, they put practitioner Zhou Guoqing into the "attacking the strong point" room. The prisoners who were assigned to persecute her forced her to stand, and forbade her from moving or even sleeping at night. She was forced to stand day and night. She was only allowed to use the bathroom twice a day at certain times. The prisoners' terms were reduced if they followed orders, using various brutal means to torture Zhou Guoqing to "transform" her. Zhou Guoqing did not yield. They later showed her videos slandering Falun Dafa but she refused to watch. The assigned prisoners then beat her until her eyes were black.

Another practitioner, Zhou Zhijun, was sent to the labor camp in June 2003. As soon as she entered the room, the guards closed the door and covered the windows with newspapers. A banner slandering Falun Dafa was hung on the wall. They forced Zhou Zhijun to stand under the banner and forced her to stare at it. Two prisoners who were assigned to watch her stood on each side of her. The assigned prisoners often read things slandering Dafa to her or showed her slanderous videos. She did not watch or listen, and was often beaten by the assigned prisoners. The evil guards didn't even let Zhou Zhijun sleep. Under such vicious torture, she fainted three times in eight days. When she fell to the floor, the assigned prisoners said she was faking. So they kicked her and punched her, and stepped on her body. Sometimes Zhou Zhijun was so dehydrated that her lips chapped, and she was still not allowed even a little bit of water, not to mention taking a bath or washing her clothes. During one period she was only allowed to take a bath twice during a five-month period. For several months she had no salt whatsoever. She had 500 yuan, but the evil guards would not let her use it. Zhou Zhijun had suffered four months of torture with the so-called "attacking the strong points" team.

One morning in early July 2003, the evil guards asked six inmates from the "attacking the strong points" team to watch me and forced me to stand on a bench. One assigned prisoner said, "We'll let you come down if you repent and admit you're guilty. Otherwise, more is waiting for you." Just like this, I also suffered multiple kinds of brutal torture like other practitioners. They also forbade me from sleeping. Even a little rest had to wait 'until four or five in the morning. For several days I was not allowed to sleep for even one minute after I had been standing day and night.

My feet became red and swollen due to the long periods of standing, and I could not stand up straight. I could not see the ceiling of the room, and when I looked at the floor, it appeared as if it were not flat. The assigned prisoners often beat and cursed me, and I was not allowed to use the restroom. One time I wanted to use the bathroom but they wouldn't allow it. After several hours I could not hold it any longer and went where I stood. They started to curse me badly and said I did it intentionally. They didn't even allow me to change my pants. Instead, they immediately took a rope and bound my hands behind me back.

After some time I became skinny and weak because of their torture. The lead prisoner of the team, Chen Yan, saw that my health was bad, and she reported it to Gu Xingying. Gu Xingying asked the assigned prisoners to take me to see a doctor. I told them, "I'm not sick. I am weak because of your tortures day and night."

Wu Mingfen from Chishui was practicing firmly and never cooperated with those people. One day Gu Xingying bound her hands with a crisscrossed coir rope and forced her to stand under the blackboard. Another time, when she was forced to stand under the blackboard, they took off her clothes so that she was only wearing one layer, and it was freezing at the time.

After Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Yan from the Medical Hospital of Zunyi City was sent to the labor camp, she never cooperated with the evil guards. One day she shouted "Falun Dafa is good" in the guards' office. She had been resisting the persecution and refused to eat, so the evil guards often sent her to the medical office of the labor camp to force-feed her. One day in September 2003, a group of people tied Zhang Yan's hands and feet together and force-fed her in the hospital. Zhang Yan died from the torture.

As soon as Falun Gong practitioner Kuai Yajing was sent to the labor camp, she was under the watch of the "attacking the strong points" team. She was also forced to stand day and night without sleep. She was often beaten, put in confinement and tied with crisscrossed coir ropes. Her feet were also swollen very badly, and both her soles and insteps were festered due to the long periods of standing. She could not even see the wall in the room. Only when she bumped into the wall did she realize there was a wall in front of her.

The assigned prisoners often forbade us from using the bathroom because they had to follow us if we went. We were only allowed to look straight ahead. Otherwise we were beaten and cursed at.

Here, I have mentioned only a few things. There is a lot more on how Falun Gong practitioners suffer brutal persecution. The evil guards Deng Jun and Jiao Xia lead the persecution of practitioners. They require the assigned prisoners to give a status report every day, and often hold meetings to plot ways to torture the practitioners into submission.