When I heard the news about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, the words "anger" and "agony" describe most closely how I felt. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is far more than a wolf wearing sheep's clothing, it is a demon covered by human skin!

After I calmed down a little bit, studied the Fa and looked within, I thought:

Gods are without human qing, but that doesn't mean that they are unfeeling and indifferent like some people imagine them to be. Teacher said,

"This enormous sin of the ages, this enormous sin whereby the [perpetrators] are brimming with evil and guilty of countless crimes throughout the firmament, has enraged all of the gods in the colossal firmament!" ("Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World")

Gods can be angered. However, Gods are not angry as a result of human emotions, nor do they exhibit human traits such as irrational behavior or heated words when they become angry. They still act according to the Fa-rectification's standards. They can clearly see those committing crimes against the Fa-rectification and take solid steps to safeguard the Fa-rectification, eliminate the evil, save all beings, and remain steadfast.

A few practitioners were scared by the Sujiatun news. This fear will not be able to shake practitioners' determination to practice Dafa. But deep inside, the smallest fear and wavering could provide the evil the space and reason to survive. The old forces taught humans to be fearful. This was demonstrated again and again during China's bloody political movements after the CCP grabbed power, and also by old force interference in history over the past thousands of years. This is shown by "good people receiving bad retribution," because many loyal patriots were killed, such as Han Xin, Yue Fei, and Yu Qian. As a result, many humans, living in pain and deep in the maze, dare not have righteous belief.

Teacher said,

"The Fa-rectification will definitely succeed, and Dafa disciples will definitely succeed." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference")

But when practitioners are moved by human sentiment, notions, and are scared by cruelty, isn't this succumbing to evil? What is belief in Teacher and Dafa? Even for the head evil, it cannot jump out of Teacher's hand. As soon as practitioners are confused due to false situations and human notions, they will be scared. Studying Dafa will break through this maze.

Some practitioners have exhibited signs of holding hatred. In some TV reports, the words "shouting angrily" were used to describe the practitioners' actions. However, Teacher told us in "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts",

"But the premise is that you have strong righteous thoughts, no fear, and no human attachments, apprehension, or hatred; only when you're in that state will it be effective, and it will take effect as soon as your thoughts emerge."

Under the constraint of the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance," the more we are absorbed and trapped by this harsh "reality", the more we will be limited by the lower levels of the cosmos. Our side that has been successfully cultivated, the divine side, will not take effect due to attachments on our human side, the side that has not been cultivated well. Only after we eliminate those human notions will we be able to follow the Fa and establish a strong righteous field.

So why are cases like Sujiatun allowed to happen?

Many practitioners who have been imprisoned understand the methods the CCP carries out to destroy people. It has gathered all the evil means from all times and all lands. The minds of those who went astray in their cultivation are controlled. For some of them, their true beings can longer come back to Fa-rectification. Even though in the human world they were not tortured and killed by the evil, their true beings were destroyed in other dimensions.

Teacher said,

"That being the case, all the more so should you do well the three things that Dafa disciples should do, let go of attachments, and not look with human thoughts at what Dafa disciples need to recognize: the persecution and the true nature of the evil party that has been persecuting us." ("New Years Greetings")

Teacher also said,

"In other words, the success of Fa-rectification and of Dafa disciples' cultivation are inevitable realities now. Our work is not yet completely done, though, and in terms of personal cultivation, each step might be critical in determining whether each Dafa disciple can reach Consummation. I think that no matter how far things go at the end, however bad the interference gets, or if Fa-rectification makes you become completely aware of everything, you still need to cultivate in a noble and upright manner, and not be affected by any positive or negative things--make sure you're not interfered with by any favorable turn of events brought about by the situation or by whatever situation that might arise." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference")

Human rights activists in China recently went on a relay hunger strike. Some practitioners were very excited and felt this is really great, and they participated in the hunger strike. It is not that we cannot do this or we cannot promote this. Rather, what is our mental state when participating in this activity? The Sujiatun Concentration Camp has been exposed. Its cruelty and bloodiness have exceeded people's ability to comprehend it. Some people were shocked and cowed by it, and doubts about Fa-rectification crept into their hearts.

This deeply touched many practitioners' hearts. Shouldn't this by itself be cause for concern among practitioners? This is not a simple individual case. When a large number of practitioners' minds are wavering, tribulations can easily hinder their Fa-rectification work. The sooner we can rectify our minds, the purer and more righteously we can cultivate. Our path of validating Fa will then be more stable.

After Teacher's "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" and other articles were published, I saw practitioners' Solemn Statements and Withdrawal Statements from the CCP and related organizations dramatically increasing daily. I didn't know if I should be happy or sad. Why don't we enlighten from Fa-study and cultivate our inner self and follow closely the progress of Fa-rectification? Why do we try to catch up only after the Fa is explained clearly?

We all are exposing the Sujiatun concentration camp's cruelty and bloodiness. Let us use this horrible news to wake up governments in all countries and those organizations and individuals who are still selling their conscience to the CCP for the sake of money. When it's fully exposed to the world, the persecution will crumble, and it will be a fatal blow to the CCP.

Will we rationally and profoundly understand the progress of Fa-rectification with righteous thoughts, or will we wait until Teacher clarifies everything? Will we only then enlighten to it and become diligent?

Recently when I studied the Fa, it was like the first time when I understood the Fa. It was so clear, as if it was part of the surface words. Inside I felt bright, pure, and clean, as if my entire body peeled off a heavy cover. I felt cleansed and a light joy inside.

Above is my recent thinking and understanding of the current stage. My understanding is limited. Please point out anything improper.