(Clearwisdom.net) After the signature collection drive on the evening of April 1st in the Basheng Market, practitioners moved to the busier Wujimianden Shopping Area in Kuala Lumpur the following day to continue the signature collection, and to call on the WHO and International Olympic Committee to pay attention to the Chinese Communist regime's shocking atrocities of removing human organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. The Malaysian people were stunned by the CCP's brutality and signed the petition to call attention to the inhuman atrocities.

Practitioners said that they started to expose the barbaric crimes ever since the revelation of the CCP's secret Sujiatun concentration camp. They have informed the Legislative circles, hospitals and each level of government in Malaysia. Now they have taken to the streets to expose it to the public.

People on the street stop to learn the facts

Signing a petition to call for WHO and the International Olympic Committee

Signing to support the protest

The site for collecting signatures

Practitioners said that the Wujimianden area is in the busiest section of Kuala Lumpur, and people from different races love to shop here. It is also a favorite place for international tourists. The signature collection would draw attention of people from different social strata, and offer them an opportunity to work together to call for an end to the CCP's barbarity.

A practitioner told us that three young people asked practitioners for proof upon learning of the secret Sujiatun concentration camp. The practitioners explained to them that if a person reported a robbery, the police would not ask him for proof, because the investigation is police's job. Falun Gong practitioners are victims in this case. The current investigation by Falun Gong practitioners has revealed the existence of the concentration camp, and they are calling for the international organizations to probe for more evidence. In fact, several witnesses have already confirmed the existence of such crimes as harvesting organs from live persons. The three signed their names after the practitioners' explanation.

"The three young people's suspicion really states a common concern that quite a few people have. In fact this is not only a matter of Falun Gong, the CCP has committed a crime against humanity. This is an atrocity that threatens the conscience of all humanity, and the international community has a responsibility to investigate and stop the brutality."

Practitioners stated that they will keep doing the signature collection, and keep calling for the attention of international organizations until the atrocities are stopped completely, and the CCP stops killing practitioners.