(Clearwisdom.net) Huang Xiaolan of the Lanshan County Police Station in Hunan Province has been persecuting Dafa practitioners during the past six years, and has done many bad deeds. In May 1999, she hid as an agent among the Dafa practitioners. After July 1999, she was the first one who came forth and supplied a list of all the Dafa practitioners in the whole county to persecute them. She won the Third Prize of the Ministry of Public Security for persecuting Dafa practitioners due to her "contribution" in disguising herself as a secret agent.

In 2000, she got a promotion because she was active in persecuting Dafa practitioners as the Political Security Section Chief in Lanshan County. After the establishment of the National Security Team, she was appointed team leader. She instigated more intensive persecution against Dafa practitioners after assuming the position. She sent six Dafa practitioners into forced labor camps one after another. She also extorted money from many Dafa practitioners. During the period she persecuted the Dafa practitioners, many of them clarified the truth, telling her the heavenly law that good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. She didn't believe them, saying, "Don't threaten me, I don't believe in that!"

On October 27, 2005, Huang Xiaolan went to Yongzhou City by car for a business trip, and collided with another car on the road. Huang Xiaolan was badly injured. She broke seven ribs and a vertebra in her neck. Her pelvic bone was also broken and her lower body bled heavily. She received emergency treatment and survived, but was permanently disabled. She experienced great pain all over her body. The day after her accident, Lanshan County immediately replaced her as leader of the State Security Team.

Now Huang Xiaolan has no future in work, suffers great pain every day, and her family is in crisis; she is suffering a fate worse than death. It's just as the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, said in his recent article, Eliminating the Evil:

"Henceforth, the gods and I will completely take away the future of this type of human occupation, and take away the good fortune in the lives of the lowlife secret agents who have been produced by the evil CCP since July 20 of 1999, and have them very swiftly wrap up their lives, paying in the process for the sins they committed."