(Clearwisdom.net) I'm an undergraduate student in China. I have some experience with the "political examination" procedure because I'm looking for a job. I think it's necessary to reveal this method of persecuting Dafa practitioners in school.

When college students are looking for jobs, if they apply to the state department, the state career unit, or to state enterprises, there will be a "political examination" before signing an employment agreement. During the "political examination," the Party Committee of the work unit will go to the Party Committee of the School to investigate the student's background.

A school student has to be corrupt to the degree required by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and has to prove that he's been successfully brainwashed by the CCP. To do that he has to pass the so-called "political examination." All this must be done just to succeed in getting a job.

The CCP's "political examination" process is a standardized procedure. The questions are fixed, but the examinations have had different purposes during different periods. After 1989, the core question was "whether the student had taken part in the democracy movement." After the CCP started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, the key question became "whether the student has taken part in Falun Gong," which is the obligatory question in the "political examination."

The use of the "political examination" has caused serious persecution of Dafa practitioners in schools, and has also poisoned many students' minds. In this situation, if the school characterized a student as "taking part in," or "had ever taken part in," Falun Gong, the work unit would either refuse to accept the student, or demand that the student write a so-called guarantee statement. There have been many such cases in the universities.

Here we appeal to all Dafa practitioners in universities and colleges to disavow the so-called "political examination" forced upon you by the CCP, firmly resist this persecution method, and wipe out the interference by the evil CCP.