(Clearwisdom.net) Thirty years ago a young woman sighed before she was executed by the Chinese Communist regime, "When I cough to the cold wall I can hear it echo; yet I have called out tens of thousands of times to people, and it seemed like I was calling to a dead person!"

Most people think that they have a kind heart. Then how could they behave in such a heartless manner?

In Western society, governments only deal with governmental affairs. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), however, tries to control everything, including "thought and moral character." "Political" classes are given in the Chinese education system all the way from primary school to university. These classes include (among others things) thought and moral character modelling. Therefore, the Chinese people's "thinking and moral character" has a close association with "politics." It is the same situation for the arts, which are deemed to exist only to serve the needs of politics. Then what is the CCP's highest goal of politics? It is for the Party to maintain control and rule. Accordingly, Party elements used to solidify their rule have become part of people's everyday "moral character." Each such element is like the layer of an onion that wraps up people's conscience layer by layer. Thus, people's hearts can focus only on the "heart" of Party interests. The CCP demands that people should "treat their comrades like a warm spring breeze and be ruthless towards their enemies like an autumn wind sweeping away the fallen leaves." Yet the so-called "enemies" are always the "enemies of the Party." Moreover, most of these "enemies" are, in fact, often just benign ordinary people who are our loved ones, our colleagues and our neighbors.

This "conscience wrapped inside onion layers" is what I call one of the characteristics of the CCP culture. The layers have wrapped up people's prenatal, pure heart or conscience, and the layers of onion are permeated with Party characteristics, elements that further erode the kind heart. As a result, people become boldly and confidently "indifferent" towards the lives of the "Party's enemies," and this kind of "heart" can be especially "ruthless" towards those hundreds of thousands of people who are being persecuted by the CCP. They do not have any kind thoughts towards the persecuted, and each layer of the onion gives people an excuse to be indifferent and unconcerned. The layers also provide "justification" to defend the crimes committed by the CCP. As a result, what should have been a simple and clear matter of good and evil or right and wrong is turned into something rather complicated and confusing. For example, when you tell them about the persecution of Falun Gong, some argue that they do not believe in Falun Gong's principles. We all know that whether or not one shares the same understanding about something or certain principles has no logical link whatsoever to one's feeling sympathetic or not when others suffer a brutal persecution.

When you tell them that it is only reasonable that we step forward to oppose the persecution when innocent people are suffering, some say that they do not like the way Falun Gong practitioners oppose the persecution. When you tell them that the CCP has cut off all normal channels (e.g., legal rights) that allow Falun Gong to speak up and that it is the CCP that should be condemned, how can they turn around and complain about the persecuted victims? They do not say anything when the CCTV repeatedly slanders and defames Falun Gong, but will complain when Falun Gong taps into TV signals to broadcast truth clarification programs to people for just a short time.

After having told them many undisputable facts and thinking that they would have nothing more to say to justify their tolerating the persecution, people would say that they now live a "better life," and so who cares about the persecution. If life is "better," then there should be no persecution. How can people take such an indifferent, laissez-faire attitude towards it? Furthermore, the so-called "better life" is not, in truth, better, and it is no more than a temporary, superficial prosperity achieved at the expense of destroying the country's natural resources, living environment and social morality for later generations. What is more frightening is that many people's "better life" is based on the persecution of others by means of unlawful house-searches, unjustifiable fines, the violent and unlawful harvesting of organs to sell for profit, etc. Today's society is beset with crises and is saturated with problems of social unfairness, degenerated notions, a collapsed social morality, rampant corruption, an adverse environment, exhausted natural resources, etc. How can one truly live a better life in such a society? How can one's life, that shows a lack of concern for others' suffering and has no moral values, be called a "better life?"

However, after one has explained all of this, some people can still come up with excuses: "I don't believe there is any persecution. If there is, then why is it that the government is not reporting any of it?" One can tell them that the CCP is the one who is doing the persecution, and that, of course, they would not admit their criminal doings. Some would still argue, "You are being political," and therefore they do not want to get involved. When people are murdered for no reason, some accuse those who want to bring the responsible person to justice of "being political." What does this have to do with politics? Even they themselves fail to find any justification in what they say.

Have we peeled off all the onion layers yet? No. They still rack their brains to find "fault" with the victims, saying there is conflict here and there in your evidence or there are loopholes in your testimony. However, when it comes to the CCP's lies and rumors, they readily accept them all.

How many people has the CCP killed in its history? How many lies has it told? Some people have made a lot of noise about "cracking down on falsehood," yet they do not or dare not want to touch the falsehoods of the CCP. Instead, they try hard to make things difficult for the victims. Don't they have a mentality marked by antipathy and cynicism? The CCP puts a very tight blockade on the facts about the persecution. It is therefore very commendable for those who have come forth to reveal the truth. Furthermore, these people have risked their lives to give evidence that people are being murdered. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people do not have the obligation to provide evidence. This should be done by law enforcement departments. But because the murderer is the CCP, who monopolizes the state power, ordinary people are forced to provide evidence themselves. Therefore, when innocent people are being murdered, what people can and should do is to help find and substantiate the evidence instead of making unreasonable and critical comments on the testimonies provided by the victims and witnesses. It is same situation as that which occurred earlier in history, when the Nazis were killing the Jews. If you had made things difficult for those who revealed the facts then, when you look back and face the fact that countless Jewish people lost their lives during the Holocaust, could you possibly bear such a guilty conscience?

In fact, it is not that these people are unaware that the CCP is capable of committing all kinds of atrocities. So, now it seems that we have come to the last layer of the onion when we hear: "If there are indeed people who are being persecuted, I will feel sympathetic." This simple sentence has allowed them to find, at last, that remaining bit of their true conscience. Yet the victims of the persecution have endured grave suffering in their efforts to awaken this conscience - because those layers of the "onion" have allowed all to attempt to deny this persecution and find excuses for their non-action.

While faced with the persecution of Falun Gong, many people have demonstrated the phenomenon of their "conscience having been wrapped up inside onion layers" to an extreme degree. This is the case, because in the midst of its rampant slanderous propaganda, the CCP has forced the numerous evil elements of its nature into those layers and layers of onion that have wrapped up people's inner hearts. These elements aim to vilify and demonize their opponents and fan hatred amongst the people, and they consequently degenerate people's true and pure hearts.

The factor that creates and binds the onion layers together is none other than the CCP. Only by clearing away the CCP can we truly disintegrate the onion layers so that people's true hearts will not be degenerated any more, and their conscience and kind thoughts can grow strong and healthy in the sunlight.