(Clearwisdom.net) About 20 years ago, when I was a child, my parents worked at the Southwest Hospital and often educated me to be a good child and listen to grown-ups. They threatened me by telling me about murderers who did not listen to grown-ups when they were young. When they were executed, they would have to suffer by having their organs harvested while they were still alive, so their hearts and kidneys could be transplanted.

Five years ago, I was detained because I practice Falun Dafa. There was a death penalty prisoner in the same cell with me. He was very vicious and often shouted, "I want to be vicious, because my wife and child will belong to others if I die tomorrow, and my organs will be transplanted in others as well!"

Harvesting organs from live people is not a secret in China. All prisoners on death row are aware of it, as well as the executioners, doctors, nurses, and illegal organ traders. Officials with no conscience also know because they profit from this by giving permission, and all their friends and family know it as well.

Harvesting organs is not limited to hearts, kidneys, corneas, bone marrow, spine marrow, etc. Sometimes there is not much left of the body. Chinese people like to spread unusual information and they especially like to show off. Almost all Chinese people know about harvesting organs from live people in China.

Because the CCP is so cruel, the Chinese people fear it. When the CCP collapses, I believe more witnesses will provide testimonies of these crimes. There is no language that can describe the huge crimes the CCP has committed, and there is no language to express the inhumanity of the CCP!