(Clearwisdom.net) Fellow practitioners in China, please pay close attention to overseas investigations to uncover the truth. To make it quite clear, the criminal activities of removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners are in China, the evil 610 Office that is in charge of the murdering is also in China. Please, do not forget that practitioners in China are still the main body. We can't rely on overseas practitioners. We must accomplish our missions as the main body.

The investigation of the truth outside of China is clearly linked with every Falun Dafa practitioner's cultivation status. The old forces always take advantage of our loopholes, and that which we have not cultivated well. They always use some excuse to persecute us. Therefore, I will explain below what I understand concerning this issue. Please, kindly supplement anything you think would be of benefit to all practitioners.

1. Not Understanding Clearly the True Nature of the Evil CCP

After this incident was exposed, my first thought was "This indeed is evil!" I also often hear fellow practitioners or people who know the truth express the same. Later, I indeed realized that the "CCP" is a beast, an evil spirit, and in no way an ordinary political party. It is not human. I'm saying this, because a human must have human nature and human thinking. It instigates the Chinese people to indulge in their demon nature, which is also inherent in its party culture. How else could they remove organs from living fellow citizens for profit, and then burn their bodies to destroy the evidence.

2. This is a Test of Our Faith in Dafa

In China, we are facing a situation in which fellow practitioners' organs are being removed and they are killed daily. If truth were told, I do not have any idea how to stop it. I have also been unable to find the proof so I can expose it. This pains me deeply and I suffer physically. I just couldn't hold back my tears.

After I calmed down, I felt that my righteous thoughts in Teacher and Dafa were not firm enough. We are sending strong righteous thoughts daily -- completely annihilating all evil elements in other dimensions that remove organs from living fellow practitioners in China. Our righteous thoughts soon will break through the evil barrier. The investigation will then progress smoothly. Although we can't see changes in other dimensions, we are clear on the Fa principles. This is a fierce battle between good and evil. The more the evil has been destroyed, the stronger our righteous thoughts. We must accomplish our mission. Meanwhile tell the truth, urge people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and all its associated entities, and save more sentient beings.

3. Test of Our Personal Cultivation

This unprecedented tribulation has touched every fellow practitioner. That beckons the thought -- are our own thoughts assimilated to the Fa? When clarifying the truth, are our hearts pure? How would a god think and act? As the matter progresses, what is our mindset? During the entire process, we must pay attention to purifying ourselves, cooperating with each other, and achieving one body, to bring into play the maximum effect.

4. Understanding Fa-Rectification Period Cultivation

Concerning the loss of life from the persecution of some practitioners, hasn't Teacher talked about this during Fa lectures? We should have a correct understanding from the Fa. If we hold worries in our heart, then we must study the Fa more. Such an evil persecution is going on! Therefore, our first actions should focus on validating the Fa, exposing evil, stopping the evil and rescuing fellow practitioners. If we think too much of ourselves, take into account our own feelings, or are unable to accept the truth of this unprecedented persecution, and so on, then the most fundamental base of our cultivation is deficient. We all have to look within for our fundamental attachments. In the persecution, the more brutal the persecution, the stronger should be our righteous thoughts. The human world is not the place for evil to act violently. This evil persecution will end when all evil is annihilated.

I hope fellow practitioners that you become more diligent. The closer to the end, the more important it is to grasp this rare opportunity! Study the Fa well! Send forth righteous thoughts well! Clarify the truth and urge people to quit the CCP and its related entities! Completely eliminate all evil elements that persecute Falun Dafa practitioners! Have righteous thoughts and righteous actions! Completely destroy the evil Communist spirit, dark minions and rotten ghosts.