(Clearwisdom.net) In August 2005, practitioners in Yanji City, Jilin Province held an experience sharing conference. Many photos were taken during the conference. The police have held these photos. Yanji National Security Division agents have been following and monitoring those photographed practitioners. At 9:00 a.m. on February 28, 2006, police started a large-scale arrest.

They began at the residence of Ms. Dong Guizhi and Ms. Wen Yingjia (alias Xiao Deng). When Xiao Deng went downstairs, two police officers grabbed her. Xiao Deng tried to resist the illegal arrest but was forcefully pressed on the ground and carried to a vehicle. Two police cars were at the arrest site; the officers in them were specially dispatched to follow and arrest people. One of the vehicles bore the Jilin Province license number H-15959. The other one was an unmarked black car. The agents took the apartment key from Xiao Deng's pocket and searched the apartment. Ms. Dong Guizhi, who was in the apartment, was arrested as well. The police confiscated the following items: two PCs, one old laptop computer, three Epson 210 ink printers, at least five laser printers, two 1-to-5 CD copiers, one hard disk, at least four MP3 players, nearly 10,000 yuan in cash, and some other devices and personal belongings.

Ms. Liu Zhenxi was arrested at around 9:00 a.m. that day near the Yanji City Hygiene School. The police also searched the Falun Dafa materials distributing site she worked for. There were three PCs, five laser printers, one Epson 210 ink printer, and some other devices and materials at that site. The following practitioners were also arrested: Ms. Song Guoru, Mr. Sun Zelin, Ms. Jin Dezhu, Ms. An Yingji, Mr. Huang Wenxue and Ms. Wang Dianrong.

One of the police who arrested Xiao Deng was the deputy from the Yanji National Security Division, Xu Guangzhe. Practitioner Xiao Deng was taken to the National Security Division, located on the 8th floor at the Yanji Police Department building. Xiao Deng refused to identify herself (due to the persecution policy of implicating family members, friends, and work units, practitioners often refuse to give their names). They started interrogation under torture at 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. Four police officers handcuffed Xiao Deng with her arms behind her back and tried to force her to kneel down. When Xiao Deng refused to do so, they held her four limbs and pushed her on the ground. They kept slapping her face and viciously beat her throat, making her throat swell and until she was unable to speak. When they still didn't get what they wanted, they changed to another torture. They handcuffed her arms in front of her and put her in shackles. Xiao Deng was forced to sit handcuffed on the ground and hold her knees. They inserted a thick stick behind her knees and suspended the stick between two desks. Xiao Deng was suspended from the stick with her head down. They beat Xiao Deng's back with a stick and beat her temples with books. This torture lasted until March 2. Division Deputy Wu Shunri and Xiao Bin were among the police involved in the interrogation and torture.

This persecution has brought huge damage to Yanji Dafa practitioners in validating Dafa and clarifying the truth to rescue sentient beings. According to what we have learned, several Falun Dafa materials distributing sites have been damaged. The details are still being investigated. We hope that Yanji practitioners will quickly form one body again in order to do what we should do as Dafa practitioners.

 The following are the organizations and people responsible for the persecution in Yanji.


Yanji City Police Department:

Li Dongzhu

Deputy of the Police Department

86-433-2514600 (Office), 86-433-2525232 (Home), 86-13804487858 (Cell)

 Yanji National Security Division, Yanji Police Department:

Xu Xiaofeng

Head of the division

86-433-2565275 (Office), 86-433-2623155 (Home), 86-13039085155 (Cell), 86-13904438836 (Cell)

Xiao Bin

Deputy of the division

86-433-2565275 (Office), 86-433-2529030 (Home)

Xuan Yongshan

Deputy of the division

86-433-2565275 (Office), 86-433-2851081 (Home), 86-13904480013 (Cell)

Wu Shunri

Deputy of the division


Xu Guangzhe

Deputy of the division


Wu Jinglin


Song Haoshan


86-433-2565275 (Office)


86-433-2565275 (Office), 86-433-2725453 (Home), 86-13009085012

Huang Wenzhe


86-13089307735 (Cell)

Zhang Wenzhu


86-433-2253034 (Home), 86-13944388986 (Cell)


Yanji Detention Center:

Wang Fusheng

Prison police

86-433-2611964 (Office), 86-433-2654036 (Home)

Wu Zhexi


86-433-2611964 (Home)

Xia Xuecheng

Division Deputy

86-13003345166 (Cell)

Jin Longshan

Prison doctor

86-433-2658325 (Home)


April 3, 2006