(Clearwisdom.net) After the shouting incident at the White House South Lawn, fellow practitioners in the United States shared different understandings regarding this act. Some said that this was the greatest, most glorious act they had ever witnessed, especially since the Western media had to break its long silence to report on Falun Gong, which they said proved that this act was on the right track. This conforms to the principles in the ordinary world, hence, it is okay to look at it this way. While cultivators are fundamentally different from non-practitioners, we must look at other people and things with principles of cultivation.

- Good After-Effect Does Not Mean the First Step Was Perfect

Personally, I believe we need to distinguish this incident itself from its after-effects.

There is no persecution in Master's Fa-rectification. This persecution is being forced upon us by the old forces. Since it has happened, Master uses it to see sentient beings' xinxing. Practitioners are being persecuted because of omissions. Master asks us to expose the facts about the persecution to awaken people's conscience, and therefore help them be saved.

Therefore, since the persecution offers the opportunity to measure sentient beings' xinxing, should we think that the old forces' arrangement is right? If sentient beings develop sympathy after learning the tragic truth of the persecution, should we think that the fellow practitioners who are being tortured the most are contributing the most, and cultivating the best? The answers are obvious.

In the past seven years of Fa-rectification cultivation, many incidents were not good at the beginning, but Master has used His grand mercy to lead us to turn them into good, in order to save people with wisdom and rationality.

I believe that this White House shouting incident is the same. As a Falun Dafa practitioner and a journalist, being able to enter the White House and join such a ceremony, she could have found a more rational and wiser way to make the international community pay attention to the persecution of Falun Gong. Her inappropriate behavior caused certain negative effects. But since this incident has already happened, we should use it as an opportunity to clarify the truth, further saving sentient beings to the fullest extent. Speaking from a cultivation angle, we should know in our minds that we cannot judge things appropriately from their after-effects, and these after-effects are formed mutually by practitioners' righteous thoughts.

- We Should Let the Imperfect Incident Achieve the Best After-Effect

Currently the result has not met with the needs of saving sentient beings in Fa-rectification, as the Western media has not widely reported on the removal of organs from Falun Gong practitioners, and the urgent investigation of all Chinese Communist Party (CCP) labor camps, prisons, hospitals and relevant facilities is still pending. As long as the CCP still detains and tortures Falun Dafa practitioners in its labor camps, prisons, hospitals and other facilities, we should not let down our guards for a moment, or place too much weight on a sudden incident or on individual actions.

The standard of cultivating xinxing is measured with the Fa, which will not change whether a certain incident's after-effects turn out to be good or bad. No matter whether the after-effect is good or bad, we should all continue to work hard, have the greatest impact, let the whole world know about the tragedy of live removal of organs as soon as possible, and stop all labor camps, prisons, and hospitals from detaining and torturing Falun Dafa practitioners. Such a grand mission can never rely on one single practitioner or her/his cultivation.

In fact, more and more fellow practitioners have taken action to be interviewed by media with their personal or organizations' names, using this shocking news as talking points, and have received positive results in clarifying the truth. If we are waiting for certain individuals to do the truth clarification work, then we are relying on these individuals, and therefore the requirement on these individuals' cultivation status is very high, and the old forces will easily find gaps in these practitioners.