(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner in Beijing. I was illegally detained and persecuted in Beijing Xinan Women's Labor Camp (a.k.a. Beijing Women's Labor Camp) between 2000 and 2001. Around the end of 2000 a policewoman told me: "Don't ever think that if you can persist until the end of your sentence, then you will be okay. I am telling you, if you don't "transform," you will never get out of here."

I asked her, "When the term is up, what excuse can they use to hold us here?"

She replied: "The deadline can be extended. If one term is extended once and is not enough, another can be added. Do you remember Zhou Ming? His term was extended twice."

I said: "After extending twice it will be another year. According to the rules, the extension cannot be instated more than two times."

She laughed, but kept a poker face, and said: "Don't think the CCP won't come up with a scheme to keep you. Now, the northwest area is constructing a base just for detaining stubborn Falun Gong practitioners. Whoever refuses be 'transformed' eventually will be sent there. Once you go there, you will never come out."

When I heard what she said, I thought she was just threatening us, so I did not take it seriously. But today I read the revealing article by the Hubei Dafa practitioner on Clearwisdom. I noticed that the police in Hubei Shayang Labor Camp also told them about sending them to the northwest desert area. Thus, it was not a coincidence. Almost certainly there were some related secret orders from the central government, and the police from different labor camps were also talking in the same tone. The lesson is that we should never use ordinary common sense to judge the evil Communist Party's behavior, because their conduct is inhuman. Also keep in mind that it was set up by the old forces; their evilness is really beyond humans' imagination and endurance. If Dafa practitioners treat it with an everyday person's heart, then we could be destroyed by it. And if people do not recognize the evil nature of the Party, they will eventually be dragged into hell by it.