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III. Teacher's Care and Concern

Practitioners in Dalian know a lot about the care and concern Teacher shows us all from personal experience.

1. Teacher Knows My Families' Situation

A disciple said:

When Teacher came to Dalian to lecture the second time, I was working as a coordinator. One day, during the recess, Teacher asked me kindly, "How is everything? Do you have any difficulty in your life?" I was so surprised and wondered, "How does Teacher know my economic situation?" I replied, "No." Teacher then said "Really? Everything is OK?" I said, "OK." At this point, my eyes were full of tears. Teacher said something which touched me deeply. He said, "If you have enough money for food and everyday needs, it will be all right." I understand our Teacher was not only concerned about me, but had also taught me an important cultivation principle. Teacher was telling me: A cultivator should not live with the purpose of being an everyday person. Eventually, a cultivator will become an enlightened being through cultivation, walk out of the human world and return to one's true self. We came to this world for only a few days, so we should not attach ourselves to anything here. "If you have enough money for food and everyday needs, it will be all right." This sentence is always in my mind. On the one hand, I display no vulnerability in the face of difficulties and am always optimistic. I simply keep cultivating diligently and let go of my attachments.

"Live with no pursuit, Die not caring about staying; clear out all wild thoughts, Cultivating to a Buddha is not hard." ("Nonexistence." Hong Yin, Translation Version B)

This important principle always guides me towards becoming a deity.

Remembering the days with our Teacher, Teacher was always smiling. No matter what He did, He always thought about His disciples first. Our Teacher's words always touched everyone's heart and he always spoke gently and kindly. When I was in Teacher's presence, I felt mercy, good fortune and warmth.

2. Our Teacher Cared For a Disciple Who Had Carsickness

A disciple told us a few events that happened during the Chengdu class in June 1994:

One day, our Teacher came to visit us at the place where some disciples lived. While He was talking, He put his hands behind His head and then parted His hands to the sides. Then He asked, "What did you see just now?" We said we saw a beam of red light. Teacher told us, "Cultivate well when you go back home. How big your immortal infants already are. Be sure to cultivate diligently." One day, we went out with Teacher by car. It was raining. The road was very muddy and the car was dirty. When the car stopped, we saw our Teacher was the first one to get out. He wiped the muddy water off the window and car all himself. After the Chengdu class was over, we were all reluctant to part with our Teacher. Teacher brought us some water to drink. When He heard that one disciple had carsickness, he turned a Falun in front of the car before the disciple left and purified his body. Our Teacher regards his disciples as his children and cares about us in every detail. We were deeply touched by every small event displaying all of our Teacher's mercy and His love towards sentient beings.

3. I Never Had Another Heart Attack.

One student remembered, "When Teacher opened His first class in Dalian, I told Teacher about my health condition. I said, 'No part of my body is comfortable, I feel sick everywhere. I have heart disease and so on. I was even dead several times.'" Teacher didn't say anything. After a while, He stood up and passed behind me. He made a gesture of grasping in the air over my head and left. When He came back, Teacher asked me, "What do you feel now?" I said, "Nothing, only my legs are a little bit hot." After this incident, I have never had heart disease again. Nor have I needed to take medication.

At a later class in Chengdu in June, He asked again me, "How are you now? Is everything ok?" I said with great gratitude, "Yes. I'm fully recovered." Our Teacher encouraged me, "Your enlightenment quality is pretty good." One afternoon during the Chengdu class, while Teacher taught movements in the front, I heard "pa" and someone pat on my neck. I looked back, but nobody was there. I immediately realized that it was Teacher's Law Body. He was purifying my body. Ever since then, I never had back problems again. I used to be uncomfortable all over my body, but now I'm free of any illness. It is all thanks to Teacher's compassion and purification. I truly feel the happiness that Buddha's grace brought me and the beauty that Dafa brought to me.

4. Teacher Helped Me Get Rid of My Attachment to Not Eating Meat

One student said, "When I was very young, I didn't eat meat. It was like a habit, an idea that it's not right to eat meat. I didn't realize that was also an ordinary human's idea for quite a long time. Once in Beijing Teacher invited us to eat Peking duck. I was sitting there thinking, 'This is not right.'" Teacher knew what I was thinking. In order to eliminate my human heart, Teacher wrapped a piece of duck meat with a pancake and gave it to me. He said, "This is for you." I couldn't refuse something Teacher gave me. So I ate it. After that, I could eat meat but have not developed an attachment to it. Actually as a cultivator, we should not have any fixed idea or attachment towards anything in this world. When we are hungry, we should eat whatever we have. In the past, I thought it was an attachment to eat meat, so I didn't like meat and never touched it. But in fact, my attitude was also an attachment. Having no human ideas, following the course of nature, this is the true course of a cultivator.

IV. A Lucky Child

1. Teacher Purified the Body of A Child in France

In July 1994 at the second class in Dalian, I saw something miraculous. Teacher purified the body of a child in France. This child had been struck by a strange disease which made him unable to move or talk. He lay in bed every day, in a vegetative state. In order to cure him, the whole family searched everywhere for the right doctor and medicine, but all their efforts were in vain. They prayed for help but nothing happened. A Qigong practitioner said that a practice called Falun Gong, taught in China, could heal the child. So the child's grandfather and father flew thousands of miles to Beijing and asked about Falun Gong everywhere they went. Someone told them that the Master of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi was in Dalian teaching the Fa. So, they then traveled to Dalian and found Teacher.

First, they told Teacher Li the disease, and then the symptoms. Teacher asked them whether they had brought a picture of the child. They said they had not. Then, Teacher asked them to think of the child. While they were thinking, Teacher immediately knew what the child looked like. Teacher then drew in the air beside His desk an image of a child. After that He began to do movements, like pulling out strings out of the body of the child. Whenever He pulled out a string He broke it into pieces with His Hands. After a while, Teacher stopped and told the two Frenchmen, "The child is ok now." Because there were no cell phones available, it was impossible to immediately contact the family in France. When they returned to the hotel, they called their family. Their family said, "Why did it take you so long to call us? Around 8 a.m. this morning, a bright golden light came in from outside and alighted on our child's body. After a while, he opened his eyes and said, 'Mom, what happened?' Then he could move and get off the bed. He can walk now." The child's mother was very happy. Hearing that their child had recovered, the two Frenchmen also were extremely happy. They kept saying thank you to Teacher and asked for a picture with Him. While taking the picture, the God who they believed in, also displayed His image on the wall. This made me recognize and feel our Teacher's compassion and great power which can do anything.

2. A Retarded Child Immediately Becomes Normal

A disciple told us something that happened before Teacher left after the third class in Dalian. He said that on December 30, 1994, Teacher gave a lecture at Dalian Stadium. Twelve thousand people attended the lecture, the last lecture Teacher gave in China, and also the lecture which had the greatest attendance. The next day some disciples, including me, went to the airport to say good-bye to Teacher. When Teacher was ready to check in, a disciple came hurrying in with her child. They wanted to see Teacher. When Teacher found out, He came to meet them. The child looked a little bit retarded. He didn't seem to have a clear, normal mind. On his forehead there was a little red dot. Teacher looked at the child, and then touched his head with His hand. The child's eyes immediately became normal and his mouth also returned to the right place. The red dot also disappeared. He became a normal kid and looked very intelligent as well. Those who were there all agreed that this was so miraculous!

V. The Wonders and Mysterious Power of Dafa

A practitioner recorded the following recollections--

1. It Was Raining Only Behind Our Car.

After the first class in Dalian, we drove Teacher to Jinzhou on April 4, 1994. The next morning, around 8 a.m., we arrived at Yingkou. At this moment, it began to rain. We wanted to find a restaurant to have breakfast, but it was raining so heavily I thought it was going to be difficult to leave at this time. I wanted to wait until the rain stopped. Teacher knew my heart and asked me, "What's wrong?" I said reluctantly, "Teacher, look at this weather. Can we leave now?" Yet the class in Jinzhou was planned to open today. How could teaching the Fa be hindered by rain? Teacher thought about it for a while then said to me, "All right. Let's ask it to stop raining." I was quite surprised then and didn't think it would be possible (At that time, I didn't know who Teacher really is. I thought Teacher was just another Qigong master.) Teacher didn't say anything but stood at the entrance of the restaurant seeming to talk in a strange way, as if He were talking to Heaven.

When having breakfast with Teacher, I asked Him, "Teacher, why hasn't the rain stopped?" Teacher said, "Mm, it will stop in a while." After breakfast, the rain became less and less. After we got into the car, I asked again, "Teacher, when will the rain stop?" Teacher said, "After we run another 1000 meters." I thought to myself, "Considering how it was raining right now, if it could stop raining after we go another 30,000 meters it would be great." But the reality surprised me. Truly, after we traveled for a kilometer, the sky in front of us became clear. Yet, behind our car the sky was full of clouds and it was pouring down rain. I was truly speechless. I said to Teacher, "Teacher, you are so mysterious. You asked it to stop raining, it really stopped raining." Teacher pointed towards the front and said to me, "See the clouds over there right? The white cloud is a dragon from the Bohai Sea, the yellow one is a dragon from the Huanghai Sea. These two dragons are on duty. Today there should be rain. If there is no rain at all, the dragons won't be able to explain why they didn't make it rain and they would have done something wrong. Then what should we do? Let's make a deal, that is, to ask them to let it rain behind our car." This was the first time that I met with such a mysterious event in my life. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it to be true.

2. Among the Waves There Was A Straight Road

During the second class in Jinzhou, some other disciples and I accompanied Teacher to visit the temple at Mount Bijia. Mount Bijia is located in the middle of the sea. When the tide is not too high, it is possible to drive there. When there is a high tide, we could only ferry across. When we arrived there, the tide was very high, so we could only go there by boat. The boat we took was small and the waves were huge. I thought to myself, "I can swim, so if something bad happens I can save other people." So I sat on the edge of my seat. Teacher knew my thoughts and smiled at me, as if He recognized my thoughts. When the boat started, Teacher pointed to the front and said to me, "Look ahead." I was very surprised with what I saw. I saw, right in front of the boat, a path in the sea appear. On each side of the boat, the waves were taller than the boat itself, yet in front of the boat, the sea looked like a straight road, and as calm as a lake with no wind. Our boat quickly and safely arrived at Mount Bijia.

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