(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa on January 16, 2006. I had experienced many things in 2005 and had difficulties passing through tribulations in my heart. The year 2005 proved to be the turning point of my life.

On the evening of January 16, 2006, I was at a point in my life where the pressures on me were so great that I truly felt the misery of life. While sadly sinking down into my sofa, I suddenly had a thought: "Read Zhuan Falun!"

I spent the next four nights reading the nine lectures with a very calm and sober mind. Over the next few days, I kept recalling in my mind the principles in the book. When I read the book again I found the answers to all the questions I had about the principles. This kind of feeling was really marvelous! From that time on, I browsed Clearwisdom every day. When I started to read the book the third time, from the first and second lectures I understood some more principles that I had not seen before. I realized that the effect of reading was not determined by how many times you read, but whether or not you were truly single-minded, both physically and mentally.

The more I read Master's teachings, the more I feel that this book could in no way be written by an average man. If viewed just from human logic, Master is harmonious, accommodating everything, and also able to foretell the future while elaborating on the principles. I also really like to read the articles written by fellow practitioners on Clearwisdom. Many practitioners' righteous thoughts often moved me to tears. There was no grievance in the tears, but they were for the many things I cannot fully articulate.

Just a moment ago, when I read the ninth paragraph of a practitioner's story "Let Go of Life and Death and You Can Do Anything": "In my 10 days of isolation, more than 70 officers out the 87 in the brigade supervised me or..." the texts below until the end of the article were completely turned into corrupted codes. I was very eager to finish reading the whole article, so I kept refreshing the Web page. But it was no use. I restarted the anti-internet blockade software and it was still not working. I continued reloading the page while I browsed through other articles. When I went back again it still had corrupted codes. At that moment, my heart became very upset. With a hand gesture of 'heshi,' I anxiously asked Master to help me remove the bad codes. After a while, I browsed back and found the corrupted codes had disappeared. I was so happy that I burst into tears. Yet I felt something was wrong. After re-checking, I found it was not that article I was looking for. Browsing back, I saw it still had corrupted codes. I was disheartened and thought that there must be something wrong in my heart.

Yes! Wasn't my anxiousness to finish reading the article a big loophole? How could Master help me make the loophole bigger by helping fix the problem? My mindset of requesting Master to help me and then hurrying back for verification - wasn't this a real manifestation of doubt? Suddenly, my mind became very, very quiet. As usual, I spoke with Master in my heart: "Master! I'm your child. If you could help me to eliminate the old forces, that would be great; if the codes are still corrupted, then I will read other articles." Immediately, I started to feel a kind of intermittent pressure at the top of my head. Yet I didn't pay attention to it and continued to read other articles. After a while, I turned unconsciously back to this article again. It was very clear, without a single corrupted code. I read through the article with a very tranquil mind. After that, I picked up a pen and wrote this article.

Precious fellow practitioners: The Fa and principles are all encompassing and accommodating. There is awakening within truths. The maze is not formidable; it is only difficult if the mind is not tranquil.