(Clearwisdom.net) March 2006 is the 12th anniversary of Teacher spreading the Fa in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. With the utmost respect, some veteran Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian recalled the precious time when our honorable Teacher graced Dalian to spread the Fa. 12 years ago, we listened to Teacher's Fa lectures in person and witnessed the hardship Teacher has endured, as well as the miracle and profoundness of the Fa. We were enveloped in our honorable Teacher's immense compassion.

I. Teacher Steered Us onto the Cultivation Path of Falun Dafa

"Oh how many the years, looking for the master,
Finally the day has arrived to meet him.
Cultivate and return, the Fa now gained,
And follow your master to return, consummated."
("Destined Return for the Holy Fruition" in Hong Yin)

Every Falun Dafa disciple went through a unique experience of obtaining the Fa. It might have appeared to be the result of a string of coincidences, but it was actually the result of his predestined relationship with the Fa. It was Teacher who steered each one of us to Falun Dafa cultivation practice. We must cherish this precious predestined relationship that will never come again. The following are two practitioners' stories of obtaining the Fa:

A) A Predestined Relationship with Buddha Cultivation Has Been Guiding Me

I once had a dream when I was in middle school. In the dream I entered the ancient times when I was under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk in a yellow robe. Everything in the dream was very clear and deeply impressed me. As a result of the dream, I started in 1980 to visit famous mountains and Buddhist monasteries in pursuit of my teacher, but the search was in vain.

In October 1993, I went on a business trip to Anqiu, Shandong Province. At noon one day while I was in my hotel room, I saw a ray of silver light flying towards me and enter into my forehead. I immediately felt a powerful force pulling me forward at an incredible speed and leaving everything behind. Then I suddenly saw a Buddha, looking compassionate and peaceful. I was completely shell-shocked by the real vision right before my eyes. "So there really exist Buddhas and deities in this world!" I thought to myself. Feeling astonished and confused, I ran out and started making long-distance calls to my friends, asking for their opinion on this matter. Everyone told me that it was a very good thing to see a Buddha and that one would see Buddha if one truly has faith in Buddha.

Witnessing a Buddha with my own eyes completely swept away the notions of atheism and superstition that the Chinese Communist Party had installed in my head. From then on, I started to systematically read Buddhist scriptures and to memorize The Classics of Morality and Virtue (a Taoist classic text). During the upsurge of Qigong, I went to numerous Qigong classes to seek the truth, but failed each time. The strange thing was that there was always a Buddha by my side no matter which Qigong class I attended. The Buddha was gigantic and I could only see part of His face. Now looking back, I realize that it was Teacher's Fashen that had been looking after me, a disciple that had gotten lost. Our compassionate and respectful Teacher has endured numerous hardships in order to have His disciples obtain the Fa and return to their true selves.

Before the 1994 Chinese New Year, one of my classmates came from Beijing to visit me. He introduced Falun Gong to me very enthusiastically, saying Falun Gong was very popular in Beijing and had held dozens of classes with more and more people coming to learn. He especially mentioned how supernatural Master Li is. He once had the opportunity to shoot a video of Teacher teaching the exercises in Jietai Temple in Beijing. When shooting the third set of exercises, "Penetrating the Two Cosmic Extremes," there was a gust of wind blowing hard. Even those thick pine trees were swinging in the wind. My classmate said, "The wind is blowing too hard and I can't shoot anything." Teacher said to him calmly, "Tell me when you get the machine adjusted. I'll freeze the wind." Hearing this, my classmate said in his heart, "How can you freeze such big wind?" But he quickly adjusted the machine and told Teacher, "Master Li, it's all set." Hardly had he finished this sentence than the wind around Teacher was frozen. Not even a hair was puffed. However, several feet away from Teacher, the wind was still blowing hard and the pine trees were still swinging. When he was shooting the meditation exercise, the tripod tilted and the lens was not focused on Teacher. He thought it would be good if Master could move a bit to the right. Then he found Teacher, who was meditating, suddenly floating to the right, as if there was someone lifting Teacher from behind. This incident truly shocked my classmate and he felt this Master was really no ordinary person. Now looking back, it was in fact Teacher that arranged my classmate to help find Dafa and eventually obtain the Fa.

On March 27, 1994, the first Falun Gong class was held in the auditorium of the Dalian Foreign Language Institute, with about 500 people in attendance. The first day, I sat in the back. Even though I could not see Teacher clearly, the profound Fa principles Teacher taught touched my heart deeply and tears ran down my face uncontrollably. My whole body and mind bathed in the compassion of the Buddha Fa and I felt refreshed and in awe. At that time, I also felt something from the vein on the back of my right hand was snatched away and my body was purified.

The second day I sat in the second row. I got my tape recorder ready for the lecture to begin. When I looked up, Teacher was already on the stage. I was shocked to find out Teacher was exactly the same Buddha I saw in Anqiu. Wasn't Teacher the one I've been looking for and expecting for millions of years! I couldn't hold back my tears. I listened to the lecture, with tears running down my face. After the lecture, I rushed to Teacher, shouting in my heart, "Teacher, finally I found you!" Teacher was talking to some veteran practitioners from out of town. I separated the crowd and stood in front of Teacher. At that time, I didn't know the Heshi gesture, so I extended my hand and said, "Greetings Teacher!" Teacher took a look at me and shook hands with me. I stared at Teacher. That moment felt like several centuries. After I came to my senses, I rushed out of the auditorium and shouted to the sky, "I found my Teacher! I saw the real Buddha!" My predestined relationship with Buddha has been leading my heart to search for Buddha for many years. Now Teacher guided me into the cultivation of Dafa.

B) Teacher Purified My Body In order for me to Cultivate

Another practitioner talks about her special journey of obtaining the Fa.

I used to be a person suffering from numerous illnesses and on the verge of paralysis. I was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis, a slipped disk, and other illnesses. I was hospitalized 5 or 6 times. The most advanced medical knowledge and devices could not cure my diseases.

Just when I was in despair, a friend of mind gave me a copy of China Falun Gong and Teacher's lecture audiotapes at the beginning of 1994. This friend said this Gong was really good and asked me to attend a class held half a month later in Dalian. That night my spouse finished reading the book in one sitting, and he kept saying the book was wonderful and asked me to read it. After reading the book, I also felt that was something I had never read before. I really wanted to attend Teacher's class.

The class opened on March 27, 1994. My husband carried me on his back into the auditorium. I sat on a couch, covered tightly from head to toe. I had a long jacket over me, with a quilt under me. About 10 minutes before the class began, a person in charge from the city Qigong association came to persuade us to return the tickets and leave the auditorium. I firmly resisted. My husband went backstage and found Teacher there. He briefly introduced my situation to Teacher and Teacher said, "I am not here to cure diseases." My husband said, "No, we're not here to get our illnesses healed. Half a month ago we already began to read the book and listen to the tapes. We came to learn the exercises." Teacher then said, "This student has some good enlightenment quality. Let me take a look."

Teacher then walked down the stage and came to me. I immediately stood up and Teacher asked me to sit down. Teacher gave a heavy smack on my neck followed by a soft pat. Teacher did the same thing to my head and shoulders. Then Teacher asked me to stand up and walk. When I walked a few steps, Teacher asked me to stop and then did the same thing to my legs. The whole process took no more than two minutes. At this time, Teacher said, "You're all set. Try to walk around." I walked two laps around the stage and many students stood up to applause. After I returned to my seat, several students sitting behind me said I was the most fortunate person. They had been following Teacher and attending classes several places and they never saw Teacher offer to heal people's illnesses. I said to them, "I never expected this either. I am really fortunate." After the class, Teacher asked me, "Do you feel your neck moving more smoothly?" I answered yes. Teacher also said to my husband that I would feel an electric shock when Teacher smacked my neck. In fact, I could have avoided the many operations I'd had. Teacher's words made me feel very comfortable and amicable.

After the first day's class, my husband still wanted to carry me out of the auditorium. I told him I wanted to walk on my own. After I took the first step, I felt very light in my legs. In fact, I walked all the way home. My husband again offered to carry me up to the third floor where our home is located, I said I wanted to try again. I was indeed able to climb the stairs. The second day, I was able to go downstairs and take a walk. I, a bedridden patient for such a long time, became a healthy person in just two minutes. Ordinary people would not believe this, but this is the miracle that happened to me.

After three months' cultivation, I was able to take the bus with other students to pick up Teacher and go to the class when the second class was held. Teacher said,

"We don't do healing. But if you want to do true cultivation, and you've come here with an ailing body, then you can't cultivate yet. So I have to purify your body. I only purify the body for people who've truly come here to learn the practice, who truly come to learn the Law." (Zhuan Falun)

This passage enabled me to suddenly realize that the purpose of being human is to cultivate and return to one's true self. Teacher purified my body in order for me to obtain the Fa and cultivate, not for me to remain an everyday person. It is compassionate Teacher who guided me onto the path of cultivation and becoming a cultivator of Falun Dafa.

II. The Wonderfulness of Dafa Displays Charm and Strikes Students with Awe

During the first class held in Dalian, a student was able to see many splendid scenes in other dimensions while listening to Teacher's lectures. He saw celestial guardians all over the place, along with many Fa-safeguarding gods. He was so excited that he cried. Below are the practitioner's recollections of that class.

Teacher taught the profound Fa in a very easy to understand manner. Before I had read some other scriptures and learned some other Qigong practices, but I had never heard anything this profound. No other Qigong practice explained human beings so clearly, nor had any of them explained life and the universe so in depth. Every word Teacher said was a celestial secret and moved my heart. Nothing compares to such a great Fa.

I felt more and more open-minded after listening to Teacher's Fa. It was as if my life was getting bigger and bigger and my realm getting higher and higher. All these feelings strengthened my determination to cultivate. Later I had a chance to show Teacher around Dalian. When passing by my home, I apologized to Teacher, "Teacher, sorry I did not invite you to visit my home since my house is very small and not neat." Teacher did not say anything but looked at me. Suddenly a thought hit me, "This is not your home. Your real home is truly wonderful." I felt light in my heart, as if I saw my future wonderful home.

I felt like a child when staying together with Teacher. I said whatever I wanted to say, I asked whatever I wanted to ask. Teacher always gave me satisfactory answers. No matter what difficulty I went through, Teacher always showed me the way out. I truly felt Teacher was omnipotent and Dafa was omnipotent. What Teacher gives us is all that is wonderful.

It's been years since I last saw Teacher. However, no matter what I encounter in my cultivation, I always talk to Teacher in my heart or ask Teacher questions in front of Teacher's photo. Teacher always gives me the answer. As long as I believe in Teacher and Dafa, there is no test I cannot pass. I truly feel the immense compassion of Teacher and the boundless power of Dafa.