(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher came to Hefei twice to spread the Fa. Once in 1993 and once in 1994. Our benevolent Teacher always kept his disciples in mind and helped them to obtain the Fa.

Teacher first came to Hefei on the morning of November 19, 1993. It was a cold, rainy day. Strong wind and heavy rain mixed with hail had lasted for an entire day and night. We all worried that the bad weather would reduce the Fa-lecture attendance on the following day, November 20. However, the next day was bright and sunny, and the temperature was much warmer. Not only did the weather not stop the attendees who had tickets, but many new people also showed up. Later I heard that Teacher had cleansed the energy field of the sky that night, so that more people could attend the Fa-lecture.

Teacher started the first Fa-lecture in the auditorium of Anhui Agricultural Institute on the afternoon of November 20. He asked everyone to put one hand out with the palm facing up and to feel the palm. We all felt that there was something rotating in our palms. Then Teacher asked us to put the hand back. Every one applauded loudly and heartily.

We came to visit Teacher at 6:00 p.m. one evening. After we entered Teacher's room, we told him the wind was blowing fiercely outside. Teacher said the wind should slow down immediately. We left after a few minutes. On our way back to the auditorium, the wind had quieted down completely. It was only breezy. What a miracle!

At the closing lecture, many students came to the podium to share their experiences. One student said that after listening to a few of Teacher's Fa-lectures, the pain in his leg was gone and he was no long lame. To prove it to everyone, he threw away his walking stick and walked on the stage. Everyone applauded, appreciating the miracle resulting from Teacher's teaching.

When the first session was about to end, we asked Teacher to come to Hefei to teach the Fa again. Teacher agreed to hold the second Fa-lecture session on April 15, 1994. He told us that 1500 people would attend. When the Fa-lecture started on April 15, 1994, there were indeed 1500 people in the class.

We had a group picture taken with Teacher one day during the second session. Many students gathered at the square. Among them was an older person holding a walking stick. Teacher saw him and told him to put down the walking stick. He was hesitant, but students next to him said, "Teacher has said so. Please throw away the stick." He did it, and he was able to walk! Witnessing this miracle, all of the students applauded loudly.