(Clearwisdom.net) Changle Forced Labor Camp has been fully implementing the Chinese Communist Party's policy of persecution toward Falun Gong practitioners for more than six years. The labor camp is one of the worst places of persecution in the Weifang area. Police guard Han Huiyue of Weifang Forced Labor Camp is one of the main perpetrators.

Han Huiyue, male, around 39 years old, lives in the Residence Complex of Changle Forced Labor Camp in Weifang. In October 2000, Changle Forced Labor Camp set up a Second Brigade specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The brigade has two squadrons. Han Huiyue was the head of the second squadron until 2003. Beginning in 2003, he worked as head of the first squadron. In late 2004, the two squadrons were merged into one, and Han Huiyue has been in charge ever since.

During the course of more than six years, Han Huiyue has committed huge crimes against Dafa and Falun Gong practitioners. Many practitioners detained in the second squadron of the Second Brigade were tortured and killed at the hands of Han Huiyue.

1. Han Huiyue Ordered Criminals to Beat Practitioner Mr. Liu Shuchun to Death

Mr. Liu Shuchun, 38, was a Falun Gong practitioner from Sandazhang Village, Songzhuang Town, Changyi County, Weifang City of Shandong Province. On January 3, 2001, Mr. Liu was sent from the third team of Songzhuang Town in Changyi to the second squadron, Second Brigade of Weifang Changle Forced Labor Camp for three years. Because Mr. Liu was very determined in his belief, officers Han Huiyue and Zhu Weile incited criminals Liu Chunxiang, Zhang Jintao, Niu Zhongxin, Tian Weixiang, Liu Xuetian, and Han Xicai to beat Mr. Liu. They beat him so severely that they killed him. They had followed customary procedures used on practitioners. First, they beat him and then they "gave him a bath." In this torture, they forced Mr. Liu to stay in the water for a very long time while they used special belts, broom handles, mop handles, sticks, and small stools to violently hit or scratch him in an attempt to force him to give up his belief in Falun Gong. While Mr. Liu was being tortured, others could hear his painful screams. The torture continued until he was at the edge of death. At this point a criminal inmate used a stool to hit Mr. Liu in the head so violently that he died and there were no more sounds from him.

After Mr. Liu Shuchun was tortured to death, the guards tried to cover their crime by blocking the news. They covered Mr. Liu's head with a cloth and covered his body with a blanket. On the second day, they carried his corpse out of the labor camp. It wasn't until several days later that his family learned about his death.

The personnel directly involved in Liu Shuchun's death were: Xu Lihua, Zuo Jintian, Lv Yibo, Zhu Weile, Ding Guihua, Zhu Anle, and Han Huiyue.

The authorities tried to dodge their responsibility for Liu Shuchun's death by only punishing criminal inmate Zhao Jintao. In fact, police guard Han Huiyue was the real murderer behind the scene. To improve the "transformation" rate of practitioners, Han Huiyue set up a team specifically to torture practitioners. Criminal inmates Tian Weixiang and others were on the team. To get them fully motivated, Han Huiyue tied the rates of practitioners' "transformations" with "adjustments" of the criminal inmates' detention terms. Eager to get their terms reduced, the team members decided to force practitioner Liu Shuchun to yield under the torture that eventually killed him.

Basic information on the six criminals involved in the death of practitioner Liu Shuchun:

Liu Chunxiang, a male drug addict in his 30s, from Changle County, was a leader among the criminals. After beating Mr.Liu to death, he was transferred out of the Second squadron.

Tian Weixiang, a 22-year-old male from Qingzhou City, was a thief and had been imprisoned before.

Zhang Jintao, male, 26, from Qingzhou City, had been imprisoned before. Soon after Zhang Jintao was released from the forced labor camp, he received karmic retribution when a vehicle rolled over him and killed him.

Niu Zhongxin, male, 26, from Hanting of Weifang City, was a thief.

Liu Xuetian, male, 24, from Dongying City, a thief, had been imprisoned before.

Han Xicai, male, 26, from Shidui Town of Anqiu City, was a thief.

2. Han Huiyue Ordered Collaborators to Attempt Brainwashing Mr. Mou Nanwu Around the Clock

Mr. Mou Nanwu, 41, from Gaomi City, worked at Weifang Fabric Profession School. He taught physics, electronics, and computer classes. In January 2000, he was sent to Weifang Changle Forced Labor Camp for a three year term because he refused to give up practicing Falun Gong. During the imprisonment, Mr. Mou's blood pressure reached as high as 240. The forced labor camp feared that he would die inside the camp. To avoid responsibility, the labor camp released him for medical treatment.

In late July 2001, police sent Mr. Mou, who had lost ability to take care himself, to the second squadron of the Second Brigade in Weifang Changle Forced Labor Camp. Guard Han Huiyue arranged for several collaborators to brainwash Nauwu around the clock. Within just a few days, Mr. Mou's health deteriorated And the forced labor camp had to send him home. His wife, Ms. Dai Xiaoping, was detained in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

On June 13, 2004, Mr. Mou Naiwu died after having been persecuted for a very long time.

3. Practitioner Mr. Li Wensheng Beaten by 17 Prisoners

Mr. Li Wensheng, 38, was from Xiaozhuanggou Village, Hejiazhuang, Zhucheng City. In late 2000, Mr. Li went to Beijing to validate the Fa. Zhucheng City police extorted 5,000 yuan from Mr. Li. In October 2000, Li Wensheng was sent to Weifang Changle Forced Labor Camp for a three-year term. On December 5, 2000, Han Huiyue ordered Li Chunxiang, Zhang Jintao, Xu Wenzi, Zhou Xuede, and thirteen other criminal inmates to beat practitioner Mr. Li Wensheng in an attempt to force him to give up his belief in Falun Gong.

In the freezing winter, they stripped Mr. Li and forced him into the bathroom to "take a shower." In the bathroom, two criminals took turns pouring water continuously into Mr. Li's mouth and nose for a long time. He was almost suffocated.

After the torture, they forced Mr. Li to lie down on the cold cement. They pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his pants down to his ankles. Several thugs stomped on his arms and legs. Zhang Jintao used a specially made belt to violently whip Li Wensheng from his waist to his calves. His body was covered with bloody wounds. Once again, they forced the naked Mr. Li to "take a shower."

The labor camp used Falun Gong practitioners as slave labor to process garlic. The perpetrators took the wastewater, which was used to soak garlic, and poured it into Mr. Li's mouth and nose through a hose.

In the cell, the perpetrators hit and kicked him. They grabbed his shoulders and hit his chest with their knees. Mr. Li was tortured to the edge of death. He had blood in his urine and stool, his entire body was painful, and he was unable to speak clearly.

Late at night, they tried to force Mr. Li to get into the upper level of the bunk bed, but he was so seriously injured from the torture that he could not do it. They then used a stool to hit his back and buttocks. After the beating, a criminal said worriedly, "He could be easily killed in this way. What if he dies?" For a very long time, the wounds on his buttocks oozed bloody fluid.

4. Sixty-year-old Mr. Su Xiaoyou's Body Covered with Injuries from Torture

Mr. Su Xiaoyou, born in 1940, was from Xingshan Village, Wangjiazhangzi Town, Anqiu City of Shandong Province. In October 2000, he was sentenced to three years in Weifang Forced Labor Camp because he went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop persecuting Falun Gong.

When Mr. Su first arrived at the second squadron of the Second Brigade, Han Huiyue ordered about eight criminals to hold Mr. Su to the ground. Two held his feet, two held his hands, and one held his head. The rest used a special belt with a "T" shaped piece of metal at one end to whip Mr. Su. They whipped his lower thighs above his knees. During the beating, they kept asking Mr. Su whether he would still practice Falun Gong. Whenever he said, "Yes," they whipped him more fiercely, especially targeting the wounds from last time. It wasn't until the flesh was torn open and became bloody that they focused the whipping on a different area.

Su Xiaoyou was wounded all over his body. They broke one belt while beating him. The specially made belt was covered with his blood. Three years later when Mr. Su was released from the forced labor camp, his back still had the scars from the whipping.

5. Perpetrators Beat Practitioner Mr. Xiao Jinsen with Wooden Blocks, Belts, a Stool, and a Shoe

Mr. Xiao Jinsen, 33, was from Xiaojiaying in the Hanting District of Weifang City. He was a former employee of the Mechanization Construction Subsidiary Company of Weifang City Changda Construction Inc. In October 2000, Mr. Xiao was sentenced to three years in Weifang Forced Labor Camp.

On the night when Mr. Xiao was sent to the second squadron of the Second Brigade, Han Huiyue had more than ten criminals beat him. Criminal inmate Han Xicai held and smashed Mr. Xiao's head to the wall at least twenty times, making a very loud "bang, bang, bang" sound.

At around noon on the second day, Han Huiyue summoned Mr. Xiao to his office. Han knocked him down with one fist and shocked him with an electric baton. To protest the torture, Mr. Xiao went on a hunger strike. Han had four or five criminals hold Mr. Xiao down in a big water container and douse him with water for one hour.

One time Mr. Xiao did the Falun Gong exercises. Criminal Zhang Jintao and several others stripped off Mr. Xiao's clothes in a storage room and used wooden blocks to beat him until he was covered with blood. They then dragged him into a water supply room and doused him with cold water. They also whipped him with a belt, stools, shoe soles, and their fists.

Xiao Jinsen was steadfast in his belief in Falun Gong and refused to yield under the torture. They put him under harsh management for a long time and extended his term. Mr. Xiao was handcuffed continuously for nine months. In all he was handcuffed for more than one year. Han Huiyue did not allow Mr. Xiao to wash himself, so eventually, his clothes were like a dirty, oily cloth matted with sweat, dirt, and blood.

Police guards and "collaborators" tried to force Mr. Xiao to yield. They put handcuffs on him and deprived him of sleep. When he fainted, the collaborators used towels to tie his arms and legs together. They pulled the towels tightly on each side. Another collaborator stood in front of him holding Mr. Xiao's handcuff. Another one pressed on his back in such a way that they forced him into a very painful "squatting" position. This torture is extremely cruel. In a very short time, Mr. Xiao's back and legs felt like they were breaking.

6. Practitioner Mr. Yu Wei was Shocked with Electric Batons for a Long Time

Mr. Yu Wei, 28, lived at the Labor Bureau residency complex at Xinhua Xiaoqu of the Kuiwen District. Mr. Yu was sentenced to three years in Weifang Forced Labor Camp because he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

Han Huiyue handcuffed Mr. Yu Wei for six months. On one occasion Mr. Yu shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" in the labor camp's cafeteria. Police then ordered criminal Tian Weixiang to beat Mr. Yu. He was shocked with six electric batons and forced to squat down for a long time.

In November 2002, Weifang Forced Labor Camp told the released collaborator Liu Rongyou to give a speech. When Liu Rongyou slandered Dafa in his speech, practitioners Mr. Yu Wei, Mr. Zhong Daozhong and Mr. Xu Jianhua stood up and exposed Liu Rongyou's lies. The guards used four electric batons with 100,000 volts each to shock Mr. Yu. He was shocked on the mouth with an electric baton, which caused his lips to swell. Mr. Yu was unable to speak. To endure the extreme pain, Yu Wei hit his head on the desks and chairs.

7. Practitioner Mr. Xin Dongsheng was Forced to do Slave Labor

Mr. Xin Dongsheng, 39, was from Dongxinxing Village, Dasheng Town of Anqiu City. In May 2001, he was sent to Weifang Forced Labor Camp for three years. In the second squadron of the Second Brigade, Mr. Xin was brainwashed and transformed with violence. Han Huiyue used Mr. Xin to do slave labor processing diamonds. Mr. Xin was forced to work overtime. He was so fatigued that he fell down in the restroom and was almost suffocated.

To reap a profit, Weifang Forced Labor Camp forced young and healthy practitioners to do slave labor, such as processing diamonds. Processing diamonds is very harmful to the human body. One person was given one machine and had to focus intently on each very small diamond. Otherwise, the diamond would be damaged. The workshop was very small and crowded. The workload was heavy and demanding, and the environment was filled with high volume noise. Especially in the hot summer, when the machines were turned on, the whole workshop was quickly filled with the odors of sweat and stinky chemicals. It made people feel suffocated. Yet, this is the place where the practitioners were forced to do slave labor.

In ordinary society, workers usually can do 40 to 60 diamonds in one day, but practitioners in the forced labor camp are forced to do 50 to 120 diamonds daily. To finish the daily workload, practitioners had to work 10 to 14 hours.

Many practitioners' health was severely damaged and they often collapsed. What happened to practitioner Xin Dongsheng is just an example. One day around noon, in the summer of 2001, Mr. Xin went to use the restroom. He suddenly fainted and fell down. His head had an egg-sized bump. He was sent to Changle Hospital for emergency treatment. A kindhearted doctor informed his family. The labor camp tried to hide the truth from Mr. Xin's family when they came to the labor camp to visit him. Mr. Xin was sent back from the hospital to the labor camp. He lay on the bed motionless. His memory had not fully recovered and he was in critical condition. Weifang Forced Labor Camp refused to release him to seek medical treatment and kept forcing him to do slave labor.

8. Practitioner Mr. Li Jinzhong's Ribs were Fractured and his Cervical Vertebra Dislocated

Mr. Li Jinzhong, in his 50s, was from Changle County of Shandong Province. Because he is a Falun Gong practitioner, he was sent to the second squadron of Second Brigade in Changle Forced Labor Camp for a three-year term. In the summer of 2002, Han Huiyue handcuffed Mr. Li and restrained him to the ground in a space less than one square meter. He sat there for 180 days. The authorities did not allow Mr. Li to talk, cut his hair, or shave. Li Jinshong's beard was as long as 3 centimeters and his hair grew so long that it covered his ears. After 32 days the handcuff was rusted and wouldn't open. The guards had someone open the handcuff with a handsaw. After the old handcuff was removed, the guards put on a new one.

In late November 2002, police officers Han Huiyue and Liu Anxing held Mr. Li down on the ground. Each person stepped on one of his arms. They used two electric batons to shock him on the neck for more than 40 minutes.

Han Huiyue ordered collaborators to beat Li Jinzhong. In April or May 2003, collaborator Liu Zhigang (from Yangjiazhuang Village, Junbukou Town, Weifang) beat Mr. Li and dislocated his cervical vertebra. Mr. Li was unable to hold up his head.

Collaborator Ding Li fractured one of Mr. Li's left ribs with one blow. He tightly covered Mr. Li's nose and mouth, making him lose consciousness and lose control of his bodily functions.

Collaborator Liu Fuqiang often kicked and beat Mr. Li. Liu used a stool to hit Mr. Li and caused him to pass out several times.

Collaborator Li Qinping tied a rope onto Mr. Li's handcuff and then hung him up on the upper level of a bed frame. Mr. Li could neither squat down nor stand up. Li Qinping grabbed and scratched Mr. Li's ribs for more than forty minutes. He lost feeling in his rib area and finally passed out. Li Qinping also stuffed hot peppers into Mr. Li's mouth and forced him to swallow them.

Collaborator Zhang Huasan used a shoe sole to repeatedly hit Mr. Li's head, making it bleed. The blood made Mr. Li's hair stick to his forehead. The scars are still visible.

Li Jinzhong's term was extended by two months.

9. Practitioner Mr. Zhan Haigang was Tortured and Lost Consciousness

Mr. Zhan Haigang, 30, was from Banzhuwohe Village, Mizhou, Zhucheng City. He was sentenced to three years in the second squadron of the Second Brigade of Changle Forced Labor Camp because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. Haigang was brutally tortured by Han Huiyue, Liu Anxing and other policemen. He was deprived of sleep for a very long time, brutally beaten, and subjected to brainwashing.

Perpetrators used glass bottles to violently hit the top of Mr. Zhan's head. He was subjected to electric shocks for thirty days. He was forced to squat without moving and was deprived of sleep. They used dirty rags to cover Mr. Zhan's face and did not let him breath. His face turned gray and green and he lost consciousness.

Mr. Zhan's head swelled up from the beating, his memory became cloudy, and he had slow reactions. He still had not recovered at the time of his release.

10. Mr. Chen Jiaxin, Mr. Gao Yuhai and Mr. Zhao Fengming were Tortured and Suffered Mentally Collapse

Mr. Chen Jiaxin, 33, was from Wushan Town of Anqiu City. Because he is a Falun Gong practitioner, he was sentenced to three years in the second squadron of the Second Brigade of Changle Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Chen was subjected to intense brainwashing, deprived of sleep, forced to do slave labor, and eventually tortured until he became mentally disordered.

Mr. Gao Yuhai, 48, was an employee at Lianmeng Chemical Industry Company in Shouguang City. In January 2001, he was sent to Changle Forced Labor Camp for a three-year term. Police guards Han Huiyue and Liu Anxing persecuted him for two years and nine months. He was released on September 18, 2003. By then, Mr. Gao had become mentally unstable, had unbearable headaches, could not sleep at night, and was unable to take care of himself.

Mr. Zhao Fengming, 46, was a practitioner from Xiaoying Village, Nanlu Town of Anqiu City. In July 2001, he was illegally sentenced to two years in Weifang Changle Forced Labor Camp. During the detention, guards Han Huiyue and Liu Anxing persecuted him. Mr. Zhao was intensely brainwashed, deprived of sleep, forced to do slave labor, and finally had a mental collapse.

11. Falun Gong Practitioner Mr. Zhang Keming was Shocked with Electric Batons Many Times

Mr. Zhang Keming, 56, was a practitioner from Gaomi City. In late 2000, he was illegally sent to the second squadron of Second Brigade of Weifang Forced Labor Camp for a three-year term. During his detention, he suffered from brutal beatings and electric shocks administered by Han Huiyue and Liu Anxing.

In November 2002, Weifang Forced Labor Camp asked collaborator Liu Rongyou to give a speech. When Liu Rongyou slandered Dafa in the speech, practitioners Mr. Yu Wei, Mr. Zhong Daozhong, and Mr. Xu Jianhua stood up and exposed Liu Rongyou's lies. The guards thought that practitioner Mr. Zhang was "the organizer" of the incident and brought him to the office. Mr. Zhang was brutally shocked with electric batons, and his mouth swelled up severely.

Other practitioners who were persecuted by police Han Huiyue were Cai Yingming, Wang Xiaozeng, Meng Zhaoteng, Lv Fan, and others.

Mr. Cai Yingming, born in 1962, was a technician at Fenghuang Garden of Shouguang City. Because he believes in Falun Dafa and its principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," he was sent to Changle Forced Labor Camp for a three-year term in 2000. Han Huiyue ordered criminal Zhang Jintao to torture Mr. Cai. He was subjected to tortures similar to practitioners Mr. Li Wensheng and Mr. Su Xiaoyou.