(Clearwisdom.net) One day in May 2005, without any warning, my left eye became blurry and appeared to darken. The condition worsened quickly, until I had become blind in my left eye. At that time, I had only one thought on my mind, "send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that attempted to persecute me."

Therefore, I sat in lotus position. As usual, I eradicated all evil that damages Falun Dafa, disintegrating all of the dark minions and rotten demons, during the first five minutes. Then, I erected my palm for five minutes, followed by five minutes with the hands in lotus hand position. I recited the formula quietly. Besides our Dafa practitioners' formula and some other content that I generally included, based on the situation at that time, I said quietly, "Even though I have omissions in my cultivation, I will not allow you to persecute me. My eyes will help me study the Fa daily, and do things related to Fa-rectification. For those who seek a benevolent solution, stay by my side and wait quietly. For those who wish to continue committing evil deeds, I will eliminate you with righteous thoughts. As a last thought, I asked Teacher to help me. I closed both eyes and sat quietly. I felt the darkness in front of my left eye decreasing. The darkness became smaller and smaller, until it turned into something as small as a mung bean. Eventually it disappeared. After a while, I confidently opened my eyes. Sure enough, my sight was back to normal, and when I looked at the time, just fifteen minutes had passed. Once again, I truly felt the power of Dafa, and truly felt how important sending forth righteous thoughts is, and the seriousness of cultivation. The difference is indeed in that one thought! I also truly felt that Teacher was by my side, looking after me, and I couldn't say anything else to express my gratitude to Teacher. I had only three words in my heart, "Thank you, Teacher!"

Teacher has told us: When there is a problem, look within. Actually, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I realized that I had omissions. Since the Chinese New Year in 2005, I have been taking care of my granddaughter who was only a little over two months old at the time. Even though I kept doing the three things, I didn't do them very well. Sometimes, I fell asleep during Fa-study and the book often slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. I didn't participate in sending forth righteous thoughts at all the assigned times. In terms of clarifying the truth, I kept putting it off. Now I clearly realize that my cultivation state should not continue like this. I should not hold onto qing. I should not follow the path the old evil forces arranged! Teacher told us that the closer to the end, the more diligent we should be. Through this lesson, I truly came to realize that we should not slack off in cultivation, and we should not be confused by illusions in human society. During our cultivation we should comply with ordinary human society to the fullest extent possible, and we should balance well the relationship between cultivation and family.

After the incident with my left eye, a similar situation happened in my right eye, after about ten to twenty days. However, it was weaker this time. My righteous thoughts eliminated the evil, so it couldn't persecute me. Thinking back, whenever I was feeling under the weather, with my righteous faith in Dafa, and using my divine side to subdue my human side, I was able to pass the tests. My steadfast faith in Dafa and Teacher has allowed me to get through different difficult situations.

This time the evil old forces from other dimensions were controlling dark minions, and rotten demons to persecute my body. How could they persecute me? It is because I had omissions in my cultivation. The evil even took advantage of those attachments that were buried deep inside and not easily detected. I also lacked in-depth understanding of Dafa during the persecution by the old evil forces. I didn't completely negate it. This is something I have come to realize after I passed this phase.

Between 1999 and 2002, I was illegally arrested and detained eight times. I had been taken to brainwashing centers, detained in forced labor camps and detention centers for a total of two years. In 2003, I was homeless for seven months. In 2001, Teacher told us in his article "Dafa is Indestructible" that a "Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces." (Essentials for Further Advancement II) At that time, I was illegally detained in brainwashing centers. After reading this article, I followed what Teacher said, and sent forth such righteous thoughts, completely negating the old evil forces' arrangements. After that, due to my limited understanding, I was again arrested and illegally detained. I was wondering, why was I illegally detained again? After that I read in the Minghui Weekly an article by a practitioner, discussing his understanding after he read Teacher's new article. He talked about how to completely negate the old evil forces arrangements. When I looked within, I found the cause for being persecuted, even though I thought about completely negating the old evil forces arrangements. I was still thinking: I am not afraid of being arrested. No matter how you arrest me, I will not give up practicing Dafa. Isn't that being taken advantage by the old forces? I didn't completely negate the old forces' arrangements; instead, I was partially negating them. After I enlightened to this, I sent forth a thought: What I am doing is the most sacred thing in the universe. I will never allow the evil to arrest me again, nor disturb or persecute me. Under the enlightenment of Teacher's Fa, and with righteous thoughts and righteous actions, I negated the evil forces arrangements. After I was homeless for seven months, I returned home with righteous thoughts, and I started a very healthy cultivation environment.

While in the home cultivation environment, my body suffered from the evil persecution from the old forces, as I mentioned earlier. Therefore, I realized that I was still under the arrangements of the old evil forces, as I had not completely negated them, even though I thought I was completely negating them. But when I rose up in levels, and I looked back, I realized that I hadn't negated them completely.

I want to say a few words to practitioners who are suffering from sickness karma: As long as you are steadfast in Dafa and Teacher, you need to find the root cause, and eliminate it, and let go of life and death. Make breakthroughs to the limit of what you can endure, make full use of the side that has cultivated well--the divine side--to eliminate evils with righteous thoughts, eliminate sickness demons with righteous thoughts, and negate evil arrangements. Then you will come to understand that the mighty power of Dafa is boundless, and you will walk your path well!