(Clearwisdom.net) At around 10:00 a.m. on February 21, 2006, Dafa practitioner Ms. Gu Xuemin, a retired official from the Politics and Law Committee in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, was illegally taken to the Chuanhui District Court. Nearing 70 years of age, she was charged with "sabotaging implementation of the law" and "possessing secret documents." Her lawyer rejected the accusations and defended her innocence. Her family, including her sister, who is over 70, were in the courtroom. After the presiding judge read out the testimony by her husband and sister and the law procedures, they asked her family to step out of the court. About ten minutes later, Ms. Gu Xuemin was taken out of the court.

The next day, February 22, Ms. Gu's sister said that the testimony read in the courtroom was completely different from what she had written. The content had been changed. In addition, they also took testimony fabricated by staff in the Political and Security Office that was used in a previous case, and used it as evidence to persecute Ms. Gu. The personnel in the Chuanhui District legislative department use every possible means to persecute practitioners. They never follow the law. During the trials of several previous Falun Gong cases, they ignored the law and fabricated evidence to persecute the innocent.

Ms. Gu Xuemin started practicing Falun Gong at a time when she was suffering from severe diseases. Through studying the Fa, cultivating her xinxing and becoming a kind person, her diseases, which had previously cost her over 10,000 yuan in medical expenses, were cured. Dafa gave her a second life and brought hope to her family. Since then, Ms. Gu has been strict with herself in following the principles of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. Meanwhile, she wished to introduce this wonderful practice to more people so that they could also benefit. For this reason, Gu Xuemin was illegally arrested and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Here we call on those people who are involved in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners: the Buddha Fa is both benevolent and dignified! Having been born in the time when Dafa is being spread and is saving sentient beings, you should bypass temporary self-interests and not miss the opportunity! Do you want to be eliminated by history, along with the CCP, or do you want to follow the will of heaven and save yourself by withdrawing from the CCP? Your one thought decides your future! Dafa practitioners urge you to stop the persecution.

People responsible:

Mao Jinbang, the president of the court: 86-13839417089 (Cell), 86-394-8306571 (Office), 86-394-5451595 (Home)

Chen Lei, vice-president of the court: 86-13903940215 (Cell), 86-394-8306573 (Office), 86-394-8306676 (Home)

Wang Jianguo, vice-president of the court: 86-13838688188 (Cell), 86-394-8306899 (Office), 86-394-8393888 (Home)

Zhai Haisong, vice-president of the court: 86-13603872626 (Cell), 86-394-8306689 (Office), 86-394-8230088 (Home)

Wang Junjie, vice-president of the court: 86-13838613939 (Cell), 86-394-8306557 (Office), 86-394-8591666 (Home)

Wang Jin, group leader of disciplinary inspection: 86-13838608895 (Cell), 86-394-8306572 (Office), 86-394-8229176 (Home)

Du Jianfeng, office director: 86-13839456599 (Cell), 86-394-8306899 (Office), 86-394-8391699 (Home)

Wang Guoming, assistant office director: 86-13939408646 (Cell), 86-394-8306533 (Office), 86-394-8306899 (Home)

Wang Guirong, presiding judge of criminal court: 86-13938081276 (Cell), 86-394-8306548 (Office), 86-394-8388585 (Home)

Zhao Pingan, deputy chief judge of criminal court: 86-13193646965 (Cell), 86-394-8306548 (Office), 86-394-8581718 (Home)

Huang Hua, deputy chief judge of criminal court: 86-13838672685 (Cell), 86-394-8306548 (Office), 86-394-8586048 (Home)

March 11, 2006