(Clearwisdom.net) My niece Qiongqiong was very rebellious and hot-tempered since early childhood. Her parents, trying to give her a good education, made a lot of arrangements for her. She did not have a harmonious relationship with her parents until she went abroad to further her education and became married. Before returning to Taiwan, she suffered unusual bleeding in her uterus. A medical examination showed that she had a tumor, 1.8 inches in diameter. Moreover, she had ovarian erosion and needed an emergency operation to remove her ovaries, which made her very depressed. Therefore, she traveled back to Taiwan for further medical consultation and was expected to undergo surgery two weeks later.

My older sister, Qiongqiong's mother, had about seven or eight serious diseases before she started practicing Falun Gong. Shortly after she started to practice, all her diseases were cured. Since she had experienced the greatness of Falun Dafa, she invited her dear daughter to practice with her. Qiongqiong went to the practice site with her mother, but suspicious of Dafa's teachings, she challenged the veteran practitioners with harsh questions when the practitioners shared cultivation experiences after finishing the exercises. It seemed as if she went to the practice site just to make trouble.

However, after Qiongqiong practiced Falun Gong for only one week, the doctor was stunned to find that the ovarian erosion was cured. Thus, Qiongqiong only underwent an emergency operation to remove the tumor and was discharged from the hospital after several days. My sister knew that it was our compassionate Teacher who had purified Qiongqiong's body and planted the seeds for her to obtain Dafa.

Qiongqiong recovered soon after being discharged from the hospital. My sister again asked her to practice Falun Gong. But Qiongqiong was quite against the idea and started to slander Dafa. Suddenly, her jaw became dislocated. She became very frightened and held her dislocated jaw, asking for help. My sister heard her cries and came out to see what had happened. My sister immediately realized that her daughter had received karmic retribution. She mercifully warned her child, "It is alright if you do not want to practice Falun Gong, but do not slander it." Qiongqiong replied, "Okay, I got it." As soon as she said these words, her jaw miraculously moved back into proper alignment.

Young people can easily forget the moral lessons they receive. After several days, she again was disrespectful to Dafa when her mother talked to her about it. Amazingly, her jaw became dislocated again. She then went to see a dentist who thought the dislocation was due to cross biting, but her mother asked her if she had similar jaw problems before. Qiongqiong, who could not think of any, remained speechless.

She dislocated her jaw for a third time due to the same reason--verbally attacking Dafa. It was a miracle that the jaw kept going back into alignment when she repented. When her jaw dislocated a fourth time, Qiongqiong began to understand the true situation, and her deeply-rooted human notion disappeared instantly. She finally realized that the Cosmos' Fa measures every single act and thought.

Qiongqiong, living abroad again, asked her family to send her the Falun Dafa exercise music VCD a month ago and told her mother that her husband had started to practice Falun Gong. On the phone, my sister asked Qiongqiong, "Are you alright? How is the jaw?"

"Falun Dafa is good!" her daughter replied with refreshing laughter.