(Clearwisdom.net) I am a sophomore in college. From the day I entered college, whenever I meet a new friend, I always tell them the facts about Falun Dafa. I also download truth-clarification videos and take them to school to give to my schoolmates.

From deep down in my heart I know that as long as it is righteous, everybody will see that it is so, and the result will be good. Although some of the students still have doubts about Dafa, I know that they do not reject it as they did before. I was not afraid while clarifying the truth, even though sometimes I have wondered if anyone would report me. However, I immediately send righteous thoughts to eliminate this kind of fear and persecution from the old forces, because I know that we must not acknowledge it. If a professor wants to talk to me because of my truth-clarification activities, I can clarify the truth or play a truth-clarification video to him or her. I believe that evil will not triumph over good, and it must be this way.

When the book, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, I found that just clarifying the truth was not enough, because we still need to save sentient beings. Dafa practitioners are taking on that great responsibility; and when the difficulty grows, the responsibility is correspondently enlarged as well. Thus, I downloaded the Nine Commentaries from the Internet and read it twice. Then I took it to school. When the opportunity arises, I bring up the subject of the Nine Commentaries. If possible, I email the book to people. But some students think the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is too long, and they don't feel like reading it. I therefore download the audio file for them to listen to. But even so, still some people do not want to hear it. Thus whenever I have a chance, I will talk to them instead. Exchanging ideas is a good way for them to develop the willingness to listen to it.

Actually, school is a place where it is very easy to be brainwashed. Many students do not understand the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and have no willingness to try to understand it. They apply for membership in the Chinese Communist Party routinely. Many people want to join the party just for benefits for their future. Every year there are many activists who try to join the Chinese Communist Party. Seeing many schoolmates joining the party, I really worry about them. But I cannot clarify the truth to so many people in a short time. CCP members put a label on their dorm room doors, showing that they are Party members. I talked about the Nine Commentaries starting with my roommates. After a while, my roommates gradually agreed to withdraw from the Communist Youth League and Youth Pioneers (they used to be actively trying to join the party). But there are also some roommates who neither want to quit, but neither do they support the CCP. They know that the Party is corrupt and rotten. Thus, the door of our dorm is always kept very clean without any CCP label. In my day-to-day life, as long as I meet someone by chance, I make sure to talk to him or her, keeping a considerate heart toward that person, and I find that they will sincerely listen to every word of mine.

I find that nowadays the young generation is badly poisoned. Many times I have hoped that my schoolmates could consider quitting from the CCP, however they do not believe what I say. Some of them even think it is ridiculous and funny. They say, seeing is believing, and without seeing it, it is unbelievable. But some of my friends respect God, they believe the words in Buddhism, and they can accept easily the truth I tell them and even enlighten to many principles. Thus, I don't need to say too much.

In validating the Fa, Master had told us to do well in all three things - that is to say, none of them can be omitted. Every time I find myself stopped from doing any of the three things, problems correspondingly follow. If I do not upgrade myself in the Fa, even though I continuously clarify the truth, the words seem to always stay at the same level and are not effective. Other people would be against it and think, "Why do you always talk to me about these same things?" Thus the wrong effect would be generated. If I do not pay attention to sending righteous thoughts, then interference happens at important times, or an uncomfortable physical condition appears. If I do not take the precious chance to clarify the truth, then I sink into a depressed state.

None of the three things should be neglected. Otherwise, it will hinder the progress of the whole body. Also, as a practitioner, if we do not study the Fa well, it will affect our expression in a very large range of things. We want to leave people a good and righteous impression, but without paying attention to Fa-study and cultivating the heart, the evil will easily sneak in through the loophole. Thus it will easily create a negative effect. Cultivation should require a higher standard for oneself. Moreover, we are the Fa-rectification period practitioners. Every word we speak, every behavior we engage in might possibly affect the people around us, affect the point of view they have toward Dafa, and affect their trust toward us.

Therefore in our everyday cultivation, we need always to measure ourselves with the standard of Dafa. We should compare to see if we have met the standard of a Dafa practitioner. We should not wait until mistakes have happened and then feel regret and correct them, because that will hold up many important things. Especially now that the time is so short, there is no longer any time to waste.