(Clearwisdom.net) From the surface, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is secretly imprisoning and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in concentration camps, labor camps and detention centers. But, analyzing it more in depth, the CCP is actually corrupting the whole world, and is challenging humanity's very fundamental nature and morality. This issue, which is a fundamental question of right and wrong, is related to the survival of the whole human race. Every individual, organization, and government will have to take a stand on this issue.

The CCP is corrupting its own high-ranking officials

Some high-ranking, decision making officials, who probably did not know the truth behind this issue, have now become victims of these circumstances. Hence, if they choose to deny, cover up, or simply remain silent, the real masterminds behind the whole operation will achieve their objectives, because any acknowledgement of the crimes is also an acknowledgement of the persecution. Such an acknowledgement would be an admission that they are criminals, and their names will be forever smeared in disgrace in history. But at present, they still have the ability to stop such inhuman brutality.

The CCP is corrupting the participants involved in the operation

According to a witness, a surgeon responsible for removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was told this, "We are now in the same boat. Killing one person is killing. Killing several people is also killing." The evil mastermind is undermining and corrupting these people, who were given only a Hobson's choice between "financial gain" and "killing." Since they have killed, they don't think they can break away from Jiang and Luo's control or the CCP's horrible nightmares.

To silence the Falun Gong practitioners, the CCP can terminate their lives. But, can the executioners be assured that one of these days they themselves will not meet a similar fate? Even if they could escape the same fate, like the followers of the Nazis, they would lead a life of fear under the CCP in addition to personal guilt. If they still have some human conscience remaining, their future life will be torturous - haunted by the memory of the lives they took and their cries for justice. They would feel it would be "better to be dead than alive."

Using the same comparison, aren't the various levels of people involved in the persecution of Falun Gong for the last seven years going to suffer a similar fate?

The CCP is corrupting the Chinese people at large

For over half a century, Chinese people have been suffering under the disasters created by the CCP. Once again, they are now the targets for corruption in this even greater crime against humanity.

Do you want to freely pursue your faith in China under the CCP regime? Between the two - acting righteously or remaining silent - which would you select? If you choose the former, then the CCP will direct a policy unimaginable to humans to demoralize you - "ruin your reputation, bankrupt you, and destroy your body." Hence the Chinese people have been submitting quietly under its tyranny, betraying the last bit of their own conscience in order to survive in disgrace.

This form of survival is fraught with even greater danger, because, by living this way, one must accept another fact of life in China. As long as the CCP is there, the citizens will be subjected to its manipulation. For example, when the secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed, the reporter also brought up another issue - over four hundred Bird Flu victims are being kept in secret isolation in two hospitals in Shenyang, unknown to the World Health Organisation (WHO). They are left there to die on their own. This incident reminds us of the time when SARS took place two years ago. Beijing authorized two vans to move the SARS victims around from one hospital to another in order to avoid the inspectors from WHO. There is one thing we ought to understand. In order to protect their power, the CCP places no value on the lives of Chinese citizens.

The CCP is Corrupting the Governments, Media and Organizations around the World

After World War II, the civilized world swore that it would never forget the horrendous tragedy of the concentration camps. "Never again," they said. However, sixty years later we are facing comparable cruelty, some of which has not yet been brought to light. The greed for profit has already made us forget the lessons of that war.

For the last seven years, tempted by financial benefits, many governments, media and organizations have turned a blind eye to the criminal brutalities of the CCP. They have forgotten the promises made on human rights, and respect for man's honor and integrity.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has escalated. From the cases exposed, every new death report seems worse than the previous ones, and the torture methods applied send chills up one's spine.

Many of these overseas governments, media and organizations have the resources to investigate and and put an end to these ruthless acts. But, their shortsightedness will only lead to criticism by their own people, eventuating in a loss of trust, and disgrace.

To get out of this dark horror, take an upright path

The greatest evil of all with the CCP is its ability to manipulate people's weaknesses, and use them to their own advantage, destroying all those around them for their own benefits. Without knowing it, amidst the greed for profit and unwitting submission to brutality and terror, people have become their own sacrifices.

Confronting evil of this magnitude has no precedent. But, does it mean that man does not have a solution? Of course not! The fact that more than nine million people have now bravely withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations indicates that man has the intelligence to get out of communist's control and make the right choice.

As for the higher ranking CCP members who may still have some human conscience, they can dissolve the party and bring the criminal leaders to justice. And for those who have participated in the persecution, to redeem themselves of some of their sins, they can step forward to reveal the truth. The Chinese citizens at large can resign from their CCP membership and refuse to participate in the persecution. The overseas governments, media and organizations can work according to higher principles and advocate righteousness.

To put it plainly, only when people choose an open and upright path will China's state terrorism subside.