(Clearwisdom.net) Siping Prison has persecuted illegally detained Dafa practitioners Jin Xuezhe, Liu Zhijun, Wang Hongge and others so severely that they have been hospitalized and diagnosed with illnesses. Additionally, the prison has lengthened their prison terms using fabricated excuses.

Changchun Dafa Disciple Jin Xuzhe Hospitalized Due to Persecution

Jin Xuezhe has been illegally imprisoned in the Siping Prison in Jilin Province for three years. His family members were not allowed to know the true extent of the persecution that Mr. Jin faced. Currently, they are only informed that Jin Xuezhe has been hospitalized. Whenever they communicate with the prison staff, the conversation is under surveillance and any discussion of his mistreatment is prohibited. The family members also have no idea of the severity of Mr. Jin's illness.

With regards to the illegal sentence, Jin Xuezhe has written many appeal letters, but the Siping Prison has refused to acknowledge his appeal or allow further processing, and has kept the letters for six months without justification. Falun Gong practitioners in the Siping Prison do not enjoy any basic human rights. In fact, they are treated worse than criminals. Their appeal letters are not processed, they are not allowed to eat together, and they are not allowed to bring any material possessions with them at all.

Liu Zhijun from Yushu City Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease Due to Persecution

Liu Zhijun has been transferred from Yushu to Siping Prison over three years ago. He has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (160), heart problems, and his legs tremble after he stands for a short period of time. Liu Zhijun's family tried to communicate with Li Zhiqiang, a member of the Prison Political Section, but Li rejected them, saying he was busy. Mr. Liu's family had to follow him to the fifth floor before Li allowed the family members to meet the Punishment Committee. Liu Zhijun's family asked the Punishment Committee to release Mr. Liu on bail for medical treatment. They were told that the People's Procuratorate has to be consulted first. The Punishment Committee Staff promised to call Mr. Liu's family members to notify them. More than two weeks passed and there were no phone calls. When the 11th Prison District Chief commented sternly that, "There is no problem, he won't die," Mr. Liu's family members asked for his guarantee, but the Prison District Chief dared not give it, saying that sometimes people die in hospitals.

Prison Staff Refuses to Release Changchun Dafa Practitioner Wang Hongge Despite Severe Medical Condition

For more than a month, Changchun City Dafa Practitioner Wang Hongge's family members have repeatedly visited the Siping Prison staff who are responsible for Mr. Wang's deteriorating health. They were not allowed to even enter the door on several occasions, and were chased away if they refused to leave or waited near the entrance guards' office.

On March 21, Wang Hongge's family members chanced upon the Prison Chief and Lan Lijun, Assistant to the Prison Chief near the staircase in the General Office. However, Lan excused himself from meeting Mr. Wang's family by saying that he had an errand to run. On his way out, Mr. Wang's family members expressed their feelings, hoping that Lan could become concerned with the current health of Wang Hongge. Lan replied that he knew Wang Hongge's situation very well, and that the prison staff would provide the necessary medical treatment if Mr. Wang was sick. Lan added that an in-depth medical checkup would require the prison staff to coordinate a time with hospitals, and said that having Mr. Wang release on bail for medical treatment could only be approved if deemed appropriate by the prison hospital. He also said that the prison only follows regulations and that their policy was not related to any injustice committed by the court and its relevant departments.