(Clearwisdom.net) For immediate distribution to related departments and agencies: Those who continue to commit crimes after receiving this notice will be monitored and tracked globally.

Urgent Notice from The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) -- regarding the sudden increase in organ transplants in Tianjin First Central Hospital in late March 2006

According to reliable sources, the staff at Tianjin First Central Hospital (also known as Oriental Organ Transplant Center) performed a dramatically increased number of liver and kidney transplants in late March 2006. The surgeries were always performed at night. The operating rooms are located on 11th and 12th floors; monitoring rooms are on the 6th floor; and patients' rooms are on 4th and 7th floors. Patients preparing to receive the organs wait in several hotels in Tianjin City including: Huaxia Hotel (3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors) and Tiancai Hotel (24th and 25th floors).

The WOIPFG is paying close attention to this matter and has released the following urgent notice:

After the revelation of the Sujiatun concentration camp harvesting Falun Gong practitioners' bodily organs for profit and the existence of a huge organ bank of living human beings in China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) immediately passed a law prohibiting the sale of human organs. However, the CCP deferred application of the law to July 1, 2006. It is likely that the CCP will murder witnesses and destroy evidence prior to this date. At this critical time, the staff at Tianjin First Central Hospital has suddenly increased the number of liver and kidney transplants being performed. The timing, speed, and quantity of the organ transplant operations are all very suspicious.

According to rules accepted by hospitals worldwide, complete and detailed personal information about the donor must be available for each case of organ transplant. The information should include the donor's gender, age, address, profession, cause of death, physical state immediate after death, blood type, health condition, and a lawfully notarized statement from the donor voluntarily donating the organ(s).

The WOIPFG is paying close attention to each transplant case performed in Tianjin First Central Hospital, especially operations performed after WOIPFG's notice about the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. People who authorize or directly participate in the operations and people who provide or buy organs are all primary targets of the investigation. People involved in transplant operations where personal information about the donor is incomplete or falsified will all be listed as murder suspects and prosecuted.

Responsible units and people:

Oriental Organ Transplant Center

Director: Shen Zhongyang

Liver Transplant Group: Zhu Zhijun, Zheng Hong, Deng Yonglin, Pan Cheng, Zhang Jianjun, Zhang Yamin, Jiang Wentao, Gao Wei, Li Yanjun, Zhang Quansheng, Zhang Wenhui, Zhang Weiye, Wang Zifa, Zang Yunjin, Zhao Laiyuan

Kidney Transplant Group: Song Wenli, Wang Zhiping, Mo Chunpai, Liu Hang

Corneal Transplant Group: Zhang Rui;

Organ Transplant ICU: Liu Yihe, Sun Liying, Yu Lixin, Wang Yu

Supersonic Center: Tang Ying.

Heavenly laws will not tolerate the inhuman crimes of the CCP harvesting organs from living people. We appeal to all kind-hearted people, including medical workers, to work together with us in monitoring these criminals.

We repeat to every individual involved in any way in these heinous acts of harvesting and selling human organs from living Falun Gong practitioners: WOIPFG will track down each and every one of you. No matter how long it takes and no matter how far and wide we have to search, we will bring each and every one of you to justice.