1. VIP Group

After the horror of Sujiatun Concentration Camp was exposed, I at first felt terribly sad and enraged. I cried every time I thought about it. Then, I felt helpless. I felt I was powerless and there was not much I could do. My heart was enveloped with sorrow, rage and lethargy.

But as a particle of the Fa, I decided that I must not allow myself to be overcome with sorrow and rage any longer. I must do something!

After the New York Fa conference, I went to Washington DC the next day to attend the press conference in front of the White House. It was such a powerful press conference that many attendees were moved to tears.

We originally heard that fellow practitioners from my area were planning to visit the offices of our House of Representatives from California at Capitol Hill to deliver a truth-clarification package about Sujiatun Concentration Camp. I thought I could at least go and help send forth righteous thoughts. However, only one fellow practitioner from California remained by the afternoon, and she was not in the VIP group. [Note: "VIP group" is a nickname for a group of practitioners volunteering to clarify the truth to the federal and state government officials.] She told me jokingly, "Now, you have been promoted as an essential part of our petite VIP group today."

I have never clarified the truth to federal or state government officials. I always felt that I didn't have what it takes to do this. I told her, "Please don't expect me to speak. I have never clarified the truth to government officials."

She told me, "It is all right. If you are not comfortable talking, I will do the talking. But let's practice some English dialogues tonight." This fellow practitioner did not have a good command of English. We practiced some sample dialogues and shared our cultivation experiences that night. She told me something that really touched my heart and made me feel ashamed. She said, "I thought to myself: If I don't try to help more people know about this, I am not Teacher's disciple."

When she said those words, she appeared to be very determined, yet peaceful. The power in her calmness deeply touched me.

The following day, we donned our backpacks and met with another practitioner on Capitol Hill. We visited about a dozen House of Representative offices. During the process of delivering the truth-clarification packages, we continued to share our cultivation experiences, rectify our frames of mind and adjust our angle of clarifying the truth.

As time went by, I began to feel that clarifying the truth to government officials' offices was no longer as bewildering and difficult as I had imagined. In hindsight, I feel so ashamed about my notion that obstructed me from doing this. Who should join the "VIP team?" As long as your xinxing level is up to par and as long as you have the desire to save sentient beings, you can join the "VIP team."

2. Making Phone Calls

After returning home from Washington, D.C, I kept reading news reports about Sujiatun Concentration Camp because I was very concerned about the latest developments. As I read the many actions fellow practitioners have taken, I gradually became lethargic again.

Yesterday Minghui.org/Clearwisdom.net issued "Urgent Announcement" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2006/4/6/71668.html). After I read the notice, I was suddenly overwhelmed by invisible pressure. Next, fellow practitioners sent emails, urging everyone to start clarifying the truth to our senators and House of Representatives at the U.S. Congress. I knew I must make phone calls and I knew I must send faxes. I knew I must not have any reason or excuse, because I am a Falun Gong disciple. However, I could not bring myself to pick up the phone. I was very disappointed in myself because I felt I was severely lagging behind the progress of Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Today I told myself, "I must make phone calls, even if I utter only one sentence." I knew many predestined opportunities come only once. Many seemingly long periods of time are actually just a short moment in time, next to my many lives throughout history. I have been reincarnated countless times for thousands of years to help with the Fa-rectification. If I let these fleeting opportunities pass me by, I will definitely regret it in the future.

Today I made ten phone calls. Each time I made a phone call, I felt a power of righteous thoughts envelop my body. When I called the White House's comment line, I was given the opportunity to talk for ten minutes. After I made the call, I felt very relieved. The invisible pressure and the feeling of distress disappeared.

I don't know how much difference my phone calls have made, but I shall do my utmost to contribute my share of righteous thoughts to the large pool of righteous thoughts from millions of Falun Gong practitioners worldwide, which is bound to eliminate all evils.