(Clearwisdom.net) One morning in the winter of 2004, after I woke up, I opened the gate to enter my yard as usual. It was at this moment that I found a plastic bag with some booklets inside. My husband picked it up and brought it in the house. After reading them through, he said to me, "These are some Falun Gong booklets and flyers. Just read them." Following his words, my son started to read them. I said mindlessly, "Yeah, read them, but burn them after you are finished reading them so as not to cause troubles." Right after I said these words I was attacked by a dizzy spell, and was unable to stand without losing my balance. I tried not to fall down, and supported myself against the bed. My son then supported me so that I could lie down on the bed.

I closed my eyes slightly and heard a compassionate voice say, "You should not burn them! They are treasures." At these words, I immediately regained my consciousness and stood up as if nothing had happened.

For the whole morning I thought, "Why did this happen? I have been a person of kindness all my life, but why did such simple words cause such a dramatic reaction in me?" That night, my son brought up what had happened in the morning. He said to me, "Mother, do you know why this happened like that in the morning?" I said, "Yes, I also would like to know why." He said, "I have been thinking about one thing. What we read this morning were some Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. This year is the fifth year of the persecution of Falun Gong and I am wondering why this group of people refuses to give up their belief in 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' even under such extreme pressure. There has to be something profound in Falun Gong, otherwise how can it be possible that so many people practice Falun Gong? " I said, "Yes, I have been wondering about this too. Maybe we can go to ask your aunt (my sister, who practices Falun Gong). We may learn something from her."

After the Chinese New Year, my mind was agitated. I was always unwilling to leave home, but all I wanted to do was to go to my sister's home to stay for several days. I finally went to my sister's home in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Right after I arrived there, the first thing I saw was the book, Zhuan Falun on the desk. Upon opening the first page I saw the image of Teacher. I felt that I was familiar with him and was very happy to see him. I then went on to read the book and thought to myself, "Wow, it is so profound! Every word is drawing me in."

When my sister came back home, with a red face, I told her why I was there and what had happened to me. I blamed myself for my ignorance. The truth clarification materials are made by Dafa practitioners with their personal savings and are distributed at the risk of their lives to clarify the truth of Falun Gong and to save sentient beings. How could I say that I would burn them? They are so important to those who read them. I searched my mind and found that I had been very selfish and fearful on this matter. It was actually a manifestation of the strong impact of the party culture of the Chinese Communist Party on me, which led to my false mentality. However, luckily Teacher hinted to me right at that point and woke me up from delusion. My sister said to me: "Great! Now is the time for you to cultivate in Dafa." I brought the book Zhuan Falun home and started to cultivate.

Compassionate Teacher is unwilling to abandon even a single person who has a predestined relationship with Dafa. Teacher, please do not worry, I know very well the profound meaning of being a Dafa practitioner in the period of Fa-rectification. It is the responsibility and obligation of a Dafa practitioner to do well the three things. I will return to my original home with Teacher.

Thank you, Teacher, for your compassionate salvation.