(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Song Yanqun, an English teacher from Dade Japanese School in Harbin City was illegally sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment because she continued practicing Falun Dafa. She is currently detained in Heizuizi Women's Prison. Not long ago, her parents went there to visit her. They saw that their daughter had tuberculosis and was so slim that her bones protruded. She was so weak that it was difficult to talk. Even so, she was still detained in the small cell and was tortured there. Having seen their daughter in this condition, for the two old people, it felt as if a knife was twisting in their hearts.

Ms. Song Yanqun, 34, was from Sulan City, Jilin Province. She was arrested by a group of policemen headed by Li Jiazhe from Sulan City Police Department on November 27, 2003. During the illegal trial, the chief of the Sulan City Police Department, Xin He, colluded with policemen Li Zhuo, Li Yaochen, Li Jiazhe, and Wang Tingbo, to hire a group from a gang to cruelly torture Song Yanqun and her sister, Song Bing, at Nanshan Detention Center in Sulan City. They tortured them using the tiger bench, pricked their ears and eyes with a very long and slim object, and poured in mustard oil, etc. Later, Song Yanqun was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment and was sent to Heizuizhi Women's Prison in Changchun City.

In the prison, Song Yanqun's health status was not good. After being examined, she was diagnosed with serious pulmonary tuberculosis. Both lobes of her lungs showed granular disease spots. (A guard said later by accident). The prison hospital and the prison blocked the news, prohibiting the family from knowing the true health status of Song Yanqun, and treatment was also denied. The prison guards did not allow the prison hospital to handle her with care, so she received rough treatment. The president of the prison hospital also said, "The monthly budget of our hospital is just 8 yuan per patient."

In May 2005, the Heizuizi Women's Prison started another round of "transformation." Song Yanqun was transferred to the education group from the hospital and suffered violent "transformation." Because Song Yanqun refused to cooperate, the policemen tied her in the "death bed." Her feces and urine were left to accumulate for days.

On March 6, 2006, Song Yanqun's parents went to Heizuizi Women's Prison to visit their daughter. The phone in the visitor's office was not working properly and had a lot of static interference. The guard was monitoring all the time, making her mother, who is hard of hearing so worried that she could not talk. Only her father said a few words with his daughter.

Song Yanqun was pale and slim. Her voice was very weak and it appeared that she could not stand even for a few minutes. Her face had butterfly spots due to the tuberculosis. The father asked her, "Are you detained in the small cell again?" She replied, "They don't allow me to say anything in the prison." When her father asked her about the disease, the guard that was monitoring them said before Song Yanqun had a chance to talk, "She is well. She was diagnosed by a specialist from a famous hospital with an autonomic nerve disorder due to pain from her ribs." People who have some medical sense all know that he was lying. After this, the guard grabbed the speaker, claimed that the time was up, and sent Song Yanqun away in a hurry. Their conversation was less than ten minutes.

Song Yanqun's parents saw that Song Yanqun was so slim and was only skin and bones. She was too weak to stand a gust of wind and was still tortured in the small cell. Her parents feel like a knife is twisting in their hearts.

March 21, 2006