(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners were deeply shocked by news of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp atrocities [the organ harvesting from Falun Dafa practitioners]. I suffered great agony, as if my body had been hit by a truck. My suffering did not hold any fear, but only grief and sorrow.

Now, I strengthen myself by sending forth righteous thoughts, removing the evil with a clear mind. These atrocities and demonic activities were arranged by the wicked old forces under the pretense of a so-called test for Falun Dafa practitioners. Their gruesome barbarity and mercilessness is so insane. It is inconceivable that it arose from a mere human mind. It also is intolerable to human society and an offence to the morality of mankind. The evil has brought all kinds of wickedness to this earth and come up with many excuses under the pretext of "testing" practitioners. It is inconceivable that such barbarity is being carried out with the excuse of testing the firmness and righteous faith of Falun Dafa practitioners in Teacher and the Fa.

It is for certain that the old forces are depraved and immoral beings that do not qualify to test the Fa. We speak of totally negating the old forces. Therefore, when there is evil interference in our thoughts concerning these events, we need to look within for how firm our faith in Teacher and the Fa is. Is our faith unquestionably firm and without any loopholes? We should not practice cultivation in such a persecution. Since the persecution happened, we need to look within, correct what is wrong, and negate all the arrangements. If we don't have any loopholes, the wickedness disappears immediately. If we do not do this, the wickedness may transform into problems. Let's look at our past! We have had to learn from many such lessons.

Hearing of the killing, slaughter, gruesome barbarity and death at Sujiatun Concentration Camp, ordinary people may feel shock and fear. What should be Dafa practitioners' response?

I, a female practitioner close to forty years old, began to practice Falun Gong in 1996. I wish to share my understanding with fellow practitioners, concerning these newly discovered atrocities.

If one's first response is to ask for help from America, the United Nations or some other sentient beings to actively put an end to these barbaric activities, I see this as having the mind of dependency. This is a loophole and a shame for a Falun Dafa practitioner. Please, rest assured that I believe they should help us. But, what they do is because of Falun Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and actions, which will pave the way for a good future for them. Therefore, I don't think about how ordinary people should respond, but I know what I should do. Even if ordinary people will remain aloof, we will not be disappointed and become hopeless, because we don't count on ordinary people to destroy the evil and its activities. Our purpose in exposing the barbarity is to remove the evil, awaken the conscience of sentient beings, help people recognize the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and renounce all association with it and affiliated entities. Our only hope is to save them.

When facing the cruel death of our fellow practitioners in the Sujiatun and other death camps, have we lost what is in our hearts? Have we been shaken too deeply in our faith and righteous thoughts of Teacher and the Fa?

I want to validate Teacher's great benevolence and love I have encountered during demonic tribulations. I have many feelings and understandings and thus chose a title for this article expressing my state of mind. I wanted to tell fellow practitioners that Teacher has been protecting every practitioner. Even if the practitioner does not act properly, Teacher still takes on uncountable sufferings for him/her. Our eyes deceive us, and human notions block us. Acquired notion were caused by many of practitioners fears. This is symbolized by an example in Zhuan Falun - The individual was blindfolded and they scratched his wrist. A water faucet was turned on and he heard water dripping. Would he die? If he laughed because he thought it was funny, then he would not have died. Similarly, when we hold on to acquired notions, we will be persecuted repeatedly. The demonic tribulations may even become bigger.

For the physical body, the human notion tells him/her that, "I will feel pain when being beaten." If one holds on to this thought, then one definitely will feel pain when being beaten, and if one "fears being tortured" one will suffer torture. If one holds the thought, "I may not endure torture," one will feel more and more pain until one can no longer endure it. Now is the time to let go of all these acquired notions. I suffered long-term electric shock. At the beginning, I did not fear and thus felt little pain. Then I felt the dreadful atmosphere and smelled the burning skin. I saw the snake's tongue - like blue flashes hitting my body and heard the shocking sizzling noise. I was handcuffed to the railing of an iron bed for almost an hour. I asked myself when it would end and felt I had reached the breaking point. With this thought the acquired notion went into action. It let me see what to expect. From that moment on I felt the pain worsening by the minute, mentally and physically, and almost could not endure it any more. This feeling is an acquired notion - being shocked is very painful - and from the moment one holds that thought, the pain will intensify. What is the difference between me and the person who bled to death? Teacher said, "what one feels accounts for nothing."(Zhuan Falun) Later, when being tortured, I protested like an ordinary person - I hit my head against the window. Yes, the wicked policemen were shocked and stopped further persecution after punching and kicking me. But, I was not defeated only at the level of ordinary person. I did not exhibit the divine power of Buddha Fa, the realm of a God when being persecuted, and did not use righteous thoughts to stop the evil.

In the beginning of 2000, many practitioners suffered deeply from the persecution, because they did not completely understand the Fa principles. Today, practitioners should have learned and know how to act when being persecuted. Now, I firmly believe that for practitioners who let go of all post-natally acquired notions, and who firmly believe in the great changes they experience during cultivation, they will not die, even if all their blood trickles out. They will not feel pain when electrically shocked. I know that a practitioner can achieve this!

After being released from detention, which I had to suffer because of loopholes, I suffered brutal persecution two more times. Both times, the evil was intent on taking my life.

1) I suffered such persecution that I lost my mind temporarily and bit my tongue. My blood gushed out and a towel was soaked in blood. I lost my head and swallowed the mercury of a thermometer. Later, when I came to, several fellow practitioners nursed me and send forth righteous thoughts. The poison did not harm me. I had bitten my tongue, but did not feel too much pain and recovered within a few days. I knew that Teacher suffered the physical pain and agony for me.

2) To avoid arrest, I jumped from the third floor of a building and broke my pelvis and feet. I was paralyzed and sent to the hospital for an emergency operation. After I woke up, I refused treatment and demanded to be released. After returning home, I lay on the bed and practiced the exercises. Within less than one week, my broken bones healed and I was fully recovered. Although I felt pain, I did not suffer too much agony. Because I could not move my body, I only felt uncomfortable because of staying in one position for a long time and could not sleep the entire night. People thought I was strong. Actually they did not know that it was Teacher who suffered the physical pain for me. I did not have to suffer the tremendous pain generally associated with broken bones. Although I explained it to people they looked as if they did not not fully believe me.

I would like to tell my fellow practitioners that we are disciples of our benevolent and great Teacher and all that we have experienced is extraordinary. When I did not do well, Teacher suffered the agony for me and took on the demonic tribulations for me. When I had righteous thoughts, my gong could protect me and I could see Teacher smiling. My feelings could not be shown to ordinary people. Ordinary people can only see with their eyes and then assume because of their notions that I suffered tremendous agony, but I was not in tremendous pain. Behind those physical persecutions, agony and demonic tribulations seen through ordinary people's eyes, I truly felt Teacher carefully nurturing me, and the great benevolence he extended towards me. If I would have been persecuted to death by the mercury in my stomach or broken bones, ordinary people would have thought that I died suffering horrible agonies. Yet, I did not feel the pain. As a practitioner, we not only give up the notions of living and dying, but also the superficial notions about life and death.

Regarding fellow practitioners who passed on, can we only look at it with ordinary people's notions of death and the painful feeling of being persecuted? If so, why does Teacher teach us so many Fa principles regarding this issue? When we look at this with the eyes of an everyday person, all sorts of emotions will envelope us, including fear and the fear of being tortured to death.

This body, born and raised in mud, needs to be treated with care, because we need it to practice cultivation in the ordinary society and save sentient beings. Beyond this, what else should we take so seriously? When others see that the body has left this earth, they even ask Teacher why the body is gone and how Teacher protected them. Do we practice cultivation just for keeping the body undamaged? Is our real life this body?

I finally realized why the second lecture of Zhuan Falun talks about the opening of the celestial eye. It is because we count on these human eyes too much. Teacher wishes us to observe the world using our true eyes. Until now, we still count on these eyes, and are blocked by them and cannot see the truth. Being deluded by the eyes we will see ordinary people's things.

Please believe me, I'm not blaming fellow practitioners, but only wish to communicate and share my understanding of the Fa. The wicked old forces arranged the most depraved scene at the Sujiatun Concentration Camp. What is their excuse? Has the evil found a great loophole in practitioners, the attachment to the physical body, the body born in mud and made of mud? They have the attachment to their body and to bodies of fellow practitioners who passed on. Therefore, they lose righteous thoughts and faith in Teacher and the Fa and even do not respect Teacher.

We always say that we want to eliminate the wickedness of Sujiatun and destroy the evil! However, if we still hold the notions of ordinary people, how can we remove it? When we give up all thoughts and notions of ordinary people, face all this with our true eyes, and give up all attachments, how does a den of monsters like Sujiatun Concentration Camp dare to exist? How dare they cut a Falun Dafa practitioner's body into pieces? They bank on ordinary people's fear of death and the even greater fear of being cut into pieces. We as Falun Dafa practitioners fear nothing! Because we are practicing Falun Dafa, everything of ours is extraordinary and everything happening to us is extraordinary, and is not what ordinary people see and think. The truth of this world is not the one being seen by ordinary people's eye and understood with ordinary people's thinking.

Facing the wicked persecution in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, I feel the most painful agony, but do not want to think any longer as to how much Teacher has suffered for us. Let our divine side wake up! We should just do the three things Falun Dafa practitioners should do and not rely on ordinary people. We hold faith firmly in mind, and never fear or get lost. We can send powerful righteous thoughts and the evil will no longer exist.

The above is my understanding at my level. Please kindly point out if there is anything you find wrong in my reasoning.

March 24, 2006