(Clearwisdom.net) The appalling and bloody secret Sujiatun Concentration Camp and its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners is not just limited to China. The people of the world need to know the fact that the bloody killing and the killers are not so far away, in fact they may be right beside us.

A witness confirmed that the operation of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp started in 2001 and reached its peak in 2002. The Concentration Camp was located underground near the Liaoning Provincial Thrombus Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, and more than six thousand Falun Gong practitioners were confined there and treated as "organ suppliers" with their livers, kidneys, corneas and skin harvested at any time as needed.

Under the CCP's genocidal policies, the doctors at Sujiatun Concentration Camp who harvested organs of Falun Gong practitioners were indoctrinated to believe that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners could not be regarded as a crime but was helping the CCP regime to "clean up" their dissidents. They made a great profit from the persecution and they never listened to their conscience. At the moment that a doctor picks up a scalpel to harvest organs, or more exactly, at the moment a Falun Gong practitioner has been abducted, all the police officials are involved and personnel from other responsible institutions also participate in the killing.

The number of people participating in the mass killing is huge: officials from the police department, judiciary, the 610 Office, the hospital staff, including the ordinary part-time employees who burn corpses to eliminate the evidence, also the "businessmen" who sell the organs and recommend patients in China and abroad to get their transplant surgery in China. Those "businessmen" are not only limited to China, and either consciously or unconsciously, they have become accomplices helping the CCP regime to murder Falun Gong practitioners.

Moreover, countless people in the world have rushed to China receive transplanted organs at the expense of Falun Gong practitioners' lives; they now carry organs which witnessed the atrocities.

All of these people who have participated in the mass murder are ordinary people; they could be beside us. In the past five years, some of them were tortured by their conscience and chose to escape. However, most of them are still callous to murder and continue their evildoing, contaminating the civilized world with their bloody hands.

So, let us think about it, what has the world been changed into by this CCP regime?

The CCP has dragged the world into darkness and hell. It is the opposite of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, the characteristic of the universe, and it is the duty of all humankind to assist in its elimination.