(Clearwisdom.net) There have been many cases reported of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted to insanity in Chinese Labor Camps and prisons. I would hereby like to share several cases that I witnessed with my own eyes, as well as heard reports about, which took place between 2001 and 2002 in the Tianjin City Labor Camp

1. Ms. Guo Baohua, 60 years old, was persecuted to insanity at the Tianjin City Women's Labor Camp. I heard from the labor camp staff who supervised me that Guo was tortured by a gang of criminals under the instigation of the police. The criminals used needles to prick her body until there were no untouched spots at all. It was later reported that Guo was bailed out for medical treatment, but passed away a short time after.

2. Ms. Li Jinling, 40 years old, was unwillingly "transformed" while in an unconscious state after being brutally beaten by drug addicts and criminals under the instigation of police in a brainwashing class. However, she lost her sanity thereafter. I shared a prison cell with her. The cell leader, Feng Yi, who is a drug addict, made Li gather beans day and night without rest in order to torture her.

3. Ms. Liu, 60 years old, was persecuted to insanity.

4. Ms. Nie Dan, 19 years old, was a university student. Nie was forced into a drug addiction class. In a month's time, she became mentally unstable. She would often sit motionless staring into empty space either crying or laughing in a silly manner. Many people in the labor camp felt pity for her.

The above are what I came to know while under 24 hour tight surveillance. I have no idea how many other cases there are.

Ms. Kang Shurong, approximately 50 years old, is an illiterate village woman. She had very high blood pressure of approximately 250, yet the drug addict Feng Yi still made her stand for prolonged periods of time without rest. Feng also forced Kang to crawl under the bed to find things for her.

Ms. Zhang, approximately 50 years old, was persecuted to death around July of 2001. In order to force her to "transform", Zhang was not allowed to sleep for many days. Under such torture, for several days, Zhang's heart disease recurred and she passed away from a relapse. After Zhang's death, the labor camp fabricated lies that Zhang had refused to take medicine when her heart disease recurred. The criminal who was in charge of supervising Zhang said that Zhang had not been allowed to sleep for many days and one morning, Zhang fell onto the floor and passed away.

In order to fabricate lies to instigate people's hatred towards Falun Gong, the labor camp has forced all prisoners to write essays fabricating lies to defame Falun Gong, and also declare their "stance" on the Falun Gong issue. Under threats of lengthened sentences, many prisoners wrote lies against their hearts.

These few instances are simply what I myself am aware of happening between 2001 and 2002 at the Tianjin Women's Labor Camp (former Tianjin City Banqiao Women's Labor Camp). How many unknown stories of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted have there been since the persecution began in 1999?