(Clearwisdom.net) The exposure of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp has shocked the world. Wherever there are Falun Dafa practitioners, we protest in front of the Chinese embassies and consulates and appeal to the public. Many righteous media groups have also condemned the barbarism and atrocities done by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The exposure of the camp to the world has also stirred up the hearts of Falun Dafa practitioners. Every practitioner has been touched deeply by the news. It seems as if every person's heart has been rent through. There are even people who spread the saying, "Be careful! Whoever is caught now will be sent to Sujiatun!" These sayings make those practitioners who are fearful in the first place feel even more frightened. A Dafa disciple should measure everything with the Fa. How can we be affected by the evil so easily?

We all know that we should totally deny the arrangements of the old forces. Why did we let them affect us when only the outer appearance of their arrangements has changed? In fact, the persecution of Dafa disciples has never ceased. Every day, the blood of practitioners is shed. Every minute, there may be someone who is dying. Yet who among true practitioners has been terrified? Haven't the torture, brainwashing, injection of nerve-damaging drugs, and hard labor which exceeds the limitations of endurance, continued to this day? Of course, the extreme evil of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp has gone far beyond people's imagination.

However, as Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciples, didn't we see very clearly what would happen in this human world before we decided to come down from the heavens to help Teacher with the Fa-rectification? Haven't we given up the carefree life of a divine being and yet felt no regrets at all for coming down? We knew very clearly how degenerated this human world was becoming, yet we still chose to come down, with the grand wish to save all sentient beings, even if it meant that we had to give up everything. We understood all the harshness of the old cosmos, yet we still came down with courage to validate Dafa and establish the mighty virtue of Dafa. Have we come down to suffer persecution? If we had come down from high levels to suffer persecution, then we would be validating the evil. The existence of all the evil, in itself, is interference to Dafa and to the salvation of sentient beings. During the process of opposing and eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings, Dafa disciples are establishing grand and mighty virtue. We just need to show to all sentient beings, in heaven and on earth, that under Teacher's strengthening power, Dafa disciples have conclusively disintegrated the most evil forces, in all times and all lands, within the Three Realms. We have saved sentient beings within the maze and brought eternal happiness and peace for future sentient beings, whilst the evil was reduced to nothing.

Let us recall this ancient story: In order to prevent the recording of the historical fact that an emperor had usurped the throne, the first, second, and third son of a history-recording officer's family were all killed. The usurper then asked the fourth son, "Dare you to do the same?" The fourth son said, "To record the historical facts is the responsibility of a history-recording officer. Why dare I not?" The emperor didn't kill him. Later on, while the fourth son was leaving the palace, another man hurriedly rushed over, saying, "I thought you must have been killed, so I rushed over to take your place." How courageous those righteous men were!

However, let's not forget that it is the Dafa disciples who have created the resplendence in human history. The first, second, third and fourth sons and the courageous man, who preferred justice to life and who rushed to take their places, might be the incarnations of Dafa disciples. Perhaps they were you and me.

In the past, we have sacrificed our lives to defend justice; why should we hesitate and worry so much for our own lives when defending the Fa today? Of course, I am talking about the realm we should achieve, in which we can sacrifice anything for the Fa with a calm heart.

There was another story about one of Jesus' disciples. When he was about to be put to the fire, together with other people, he said with a smile to the executioner. "Take your time doing it. Don't burn me too quickly." How magnificent this disciple was!

However, please don't forget that it is Dafa disciples who are creating the future. If a disciple of Jesus could disdain death due to faith in his God, how can a Dafa disciple be so easily broken down by anything? The holiness and firmness in the heart of a life created by the Fa should be as unshakable and solid as diamond. All these so-called "tests" arranged by the old forces are bound to fail, as there is definitely nothing in the entire universe which can force Dafa disciples to give in.

As Dafa disciples, no matter what kind of evil there is, no matter how the evil changes its manifestation, we should handle all these situations with an unaffected heart and eliminate the evil. No life is worthy of testing Dafa. No old forces' lives are worthy of obstructing the Fa-rectification with the excuse of testing Dafa disciples. Only Teacher and Dafa can truly rectify Dafa disciples.

In our hearts there are only our missions and vows. In our hearts there are only the sacred three things. Our hearts are completely within the Fa, not the persecution. Thus, we are transcending the arrangements of the evil and denying them.

Those who waver because of the Sujiatun incident also show our omissions. We need to clearly see through and rectify our human attachments. Let's remain stable and unaffected, help the practitioners around us stay stable and unaffected, and continue to do well the three things required by Teacher.

As to the Sujiatun Concentration Camp, we should send forth strong righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the evil that is persecuting Dafa disciples. We should eliminate all the evil arrangements that have been planned for the Dafa disciples incarcerated there, by strengthening our righteous thoughts so they can be freed unconditionally.

The closer to the end, the madder and more desperate the evil will become. In the face of all this future evil, we should simply eliminate it firmly, without fear. As Teacher said, "Who should actually be afraid of whom?" ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005") Let us eliminate the evil factors, with an incomparably noble momentum that demolishes all the evil in the universe.

The above is only my personal understanding at my present level. Please kindly correct any of my mistakes.